Corsair Vengeance C70 Review

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Premium gaming cases are all about superior build, good air circulation, provision for liquid cooling, ease of installation and not to mention jaw-dropping aesthetics. The all-metal Vengeance C70 is Corsair’s latest mid-range offering for those seeking to build a robust PC. Let’s find out what's in the box.

Military inspired design looks way too cool

Military-inspired design looks too cool



Design and Features

The Vengeance C70 sports a design that’s completely different from other PC cases in its segment. It’s designed to look like a military ammunition box and comes in three colours – military green, gunmetal black and arctic white. We received the gunmetal black variant for review, and we must say it looked like a tough nut to crack.

Rigid metal clamps and carry handles

Rigid metal clamps and carry handles



The most striking features of this case are the all-metal construction and clasps to lock the side panels in place. Apart from the transparent acrylic side panel, the entire exterior is crafted from steel, including the front bezel which is usually made of plastic. Corsair has decided to go with a simplistic yet robust look and a design that functions. The C70 has a boxy appearance, with absolutely no protruding or rounded elements.

Self-Destruct.. err.. power and reset buttons!

Self-Destruct.. err.. power and reset buttons!



Starting from the top, there are two rubber-gripped handles to carry the case. These are spring loaded so that they retract inward, where they’re supposed to be. The top surface has a honeycomb mesh with holes to mount either a 240 mm radiator or a pair of 120 mm fans. The front bezel can be easily detached once the side panels are off. At the top is the IO panel that includes two USB 3.0 ports and jacks for headphones and mic. The reset button is thoughtfully placed behind a flap to prevent accidental presses. You have to lift the flap to access the button – while it’s practical, it also looks very cool. Moving down, there are three 5.25-inch bays covered by removable metal bay covers.

Ample room and plenty of cooling

Ample room and plenty of cooling




The lower half of the front bezel is a honeycomb mesh lined with a removable nylon mesh to prevent dust from being sucked into the case. There are no fans behind the mesh, but there are two 120 mm intake fans bolted onto the sides of the hard drive cages. You can install up to six 3.5-inch hard drives or SSDs that fit into removable plastic trays. The trays are the only components that have a sub-par build. They are excessively flexible and feel too feeble.


The third 120 mm fan is installed on the rear of the cabinet. Below that are eight expansion slots with thumbscrews for retention. To make installation easy and keep cable clutter at bay, Corsair has provided a sufficient number of rubber grommets to route the cables from behind the motherboard base plate. Even the cables that connect the front IO panel to the motherboard are routed from behind the base plate.

Provision for cable routing from behind the base plate

Provision for cable routing from behind the base plate



The power supply sits on the meshed floor of the cabinet, and a removable nylon mesh has been provided for the intake fan. The second removable mesh has been provided for a closed-loop radiator that can be mounted in front of the power supply. However, for that you will have to forgo one of the hard drive cages, which has three 3.5-inch bays.


The overall build of the Vengeance C70 is excellent.


Verdict and Price in India

The Corsair Vengeance C70 commands a premium for the generous amount of metal used in construction and its striking, yet functional design. Priced at Rs 8,000, it’s more expensive than many mid-tower gaming cabinet such as the NZXT Phantom 410 and Cooler Master CM690 II. If you want robust build, excellent cooling and good design with military-styled design thrown in, this cabinet is for you.


When it’s time to take your competitive gaming on the road, the Vengeance C70 mid-tower PC case is a great choice. It’s crafted out of solid steel and made to survive trips with less wear and tear, and the ergonomic carry handles help you move your gear with confidence. High-performance gaming hardware requires high-performance cooling. Vengeance C70 is equipped with three 120mm fans out of the box, with mounting points for seven more to meet your exact air cooling demands. Easy access side panels come off with quick-release latches. The optical drive bays and 3.5” hard drive bays are tool-free. Thumbscrews secure your graphics cards, and the hard drive cages can be easily removed for better airflow or additional expansion room. Cable routing tie-downs and built-in clamps keep your system tidy. With so many usability features, the Vengeance C70 does what it’s supposed to do — stay out of your way while you build or upgrade.


Case Material Steel
Type Mid Tower
Power Supply ATX (not included)
Motherboard Compatibility ATX, mATX
Side Panel Window Yes
Front Ports (x2) USB 3.0, (x1) Headphone, (x1) MIC, Power, and Reset Switches
Colour Gunmetal Black, Arctic White, Military Green


Internal 3.5 inch Drive Bays 3
External 5.25 inch Drive Bays 3
Expansion Slots 8


Fans Three (3x) 120mm fans

Physical Specification

Dimensions 501 x 232 x 533 mm

Published Date: Oct 17,2012 03:04 pm | Updated Date: Oct 17, 2012 03:04 pm