Clickfree HD 325 Portable Backup Drive

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We all need to back our data up, there is no doubting that. Clickfree is a new brand that offers a portable Hard drive, that claims to be the easiest and fastest data backup solution out there. One has to just plug it in to USB in, and that’s it. The backup begins. We’ve got the 320GB, HD325 model, so let’s check it out; it’s quite a unique piece.

Operation and Backup process
The product is not the best looking model out there, with a deep electric blue case accented by shiny metallic caps on the ends. There are 2 blue LEDs huddled together facing upwards, for signaling power and backup operations.

It comes with dual USB cable for powering via 2 USB slots. The device is lightweight and possesses a very neat finish. As for the anatomy: it has a standard 2.5-inch hard disk, with 5,400 RPM and 8MB cache.

This HDD needs only to be connected to the PC in question, and within about 60 seconds a blue UI opens up with a 20 second countdown, stating that the entire contents of the PC will be backed up. We allowed the Clickfree to strut its stuff, and timed a complete backup of 211 GB HDD filled with songs videos, MS office archives etc.— basically a typically populated office PC. The HDD performed this in 23 minutes flat, which is impressive. But besides this main USP of setup and hassle free backing up, the UI is another feather in the Clickfree’s cap.


The UI is very well designed, and one encounters it once a backup is done. It segregates the files into MP3s, videos, Excel sheets etc., and the user can access these from another PC, by just plugging in the drive. Here is the deal - this time, when we do not want to back up, rather access the content already on the drive, we have to click restore files in the welcome countdown UI, and the drive goes into its browser window. Also one can save multiple backups on the drive provided space permits. Thus multiple desktops can be accessed once backed up, in a very systematic, streamlined way.

There are also options for selective and customized backup, wherein, only certain file types or subfolders need to be taken. It can copy hidden files, system files etc. The read and write speeds recorded are quiet impressive with 26.24 MBps read and 22.89MBps write speeds. Also, when the user plugs in the drive for a second time to a previously backed up PC, the second backup process is much faster; this is due to the drive only backing up any new file added later, and preserving the original backup the way it is.

At Rs. 9475, this product is a bit pricey. We feel some premium is warranted, but perhaps a 1000 Rupees less would make this an excellent product. But nevertheless, whatever the Clickfree claims, it delivers with poise. The UI is great, features are great and speeds are impressive. Keep this on your radar for any price decrease. Other products by Clickfree seem interesting, so stay tuned for more reviews.