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After dabbling with photography and using a couple of photo-editing apps, we realised that the Camera360 Ultimate is an awesome app. This free app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The app has been recently updated with some refreshed features. Find out what we liked and what we didn't about the Camera 360 while using it for Android.

Design and layout
Like most of the photo-editing apps, Camera360 Ultimate lets you take an instant picture with its camera application or you can start editing an image directly from the gallery. Unlike Pixlr-o-matic, it doesn't show the stock camera and rather has its own camera interface. Just tap on Camera360 Ultimate and you will find a neat interface. It places all the all the necessary options in a nice tabular (on the lower side) fashion with some buttons on the upper side of the screen. The row of icons on the lower side features Gallery, an icon for camera modes (just hover over it and you will find Stabilizer, Timer and Burst), a dedicated camera shutter button (its icon changes depending upon the mode you have selected), Effects and Settings. Under Effects, you will find a slew of cool effects and scenes.

Effects and Scenes

Effects and Scenes


After applying an effect, you can further tweak it with the variety of additional effects. The upper side of the screen always shows the effect you have selected along with icons for flash, an icon that lets you tweak screen settings and an icon to swap between front and rear cameras. Just tap on the Gallery option and you can choose images from your stock gallery and also from the Camera360 gallery. Images you click via the camera within the app will be stored in its own gallery. Moreover, you can also use the Camera360 cloud storage. In the gallery, you will find shortcuts to return to the camera and also the batch option to mark several apps to delete them. As we said, the UI is really neat and every possible option you need is right there.

The UI is slick and convenient

The UI is slick and convenient


While clicking a picture using the Camera360 app, you can choose the usual normal camera mode or the Stabilizer mode for shaky hands. It also has the timer mode and a burst mode to shoot a series of photos instantly. In Effects, you will find some nifty options like Colorful, B&W, Retro, Funny, 1839, Tilt-shift, Magic skin and more. As you select any of the Effect, a row of additional effects to complement it further will appear below the image. For instance, if you take a shot in HDR, then it offers further options within the HDR effect such as Soft, Bright, Classic and Storm. The Lomo effect is another really cool effect that makes your photos look really classy; you can further tweak the effects in Lomo with options like Cyan, Movie, Frozen and more. There are some fun-filled effects like Ghost and Huge-head, and as we said earlier, the HDR effect is something to watch out for. Making it even more fun to use is an array of scenes that you can choose. You can use these scenes to put a great background for your images. However, you need Internet connection to download these scenes. Camera360 Ultimate allows a lot of tweaking under its Settings tab. You will be able to choose options like microspur, infinite distance and auto-focus. You can also turn-on the sound and enter advanced settings. It takes you to really advanced settings that let you tweak photo settings like picture quality and size, operation settings like volume button function and gives you complete information about the Camera360 Ultimate version you are using, to name a few.

The first screenshot shots the HDR effect

The first screenshot shows the HDR effect


Performance and verdict
With the Android 4.2 update, the app worked simply great. However, this may not necessarily be the case if you are using Gingerbread. While trying several effects, the photo instantly reflects the changes. However, we wish we didn’t need to download the various scenes over Internet. Moreover, we missed the way Pixlr-o-matic let us compare  the images. On the other hand, the camera UI has been designed well to suit your needs and modes like Burst, Stabilizer and Timer work just fine. We could also adjust the exposure and brightness of the images. The app offers really cool photo effects; whether you are a novice or pro, it has something stored in for both. All in all,  this free app is worth a try.


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Published Date: Dec 18, 2012 12:59 pm | Updated Date: Dec 18, 2012 12:59 pm