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2.0 speakers have always created their niche in the market with the portability and affordability they provide. Simply hook it up to your laptop, mobile phone or any other audio device and you have an enhanced audio experience. Bose has always been known for its premium audio products and the Companion 20 follows the same trend. Here’s what we feel about their new set of speakers.   

Elegant design

Elegant design


Design and Build Quality
The Companion 20 will come across as extremely simple looking speakers with the front metal grill and polished silver finish. The speakers look quite appealing and have a nice matte effect which is shared by the control pod as well. The speaker set comes with four connectors - the audio in, control pod,  adaptor and the connector to the left speaker. The bass is located at the back. The cables are pretty long but you’ll get a pretty hefty adaptor with the speakers. They weigh 2.72 kg as well, and all of this does limit its portability to a great extent. There are four rubberized slots underneath that will help the speakers stay stable on most surfaces.

The connectivity options at the back

The connectivity options at the back


The control pod deserves worthy mention. It has a feather touch top that allows users to quickly toggle the power. There’s the volume ring as well, and it’s quite responsive. To ensure that the speakers remain untouched most of the time, Bose has included the headphone jack and line - in connectivity options on the control pod as well.

The control pod

The control pod


The two set Companion 20 speakers provide a good audio experience as well. We played a few popular music tracks and here’s our feedback on the same. The song Rockstar by Nickelback plays pretty well till you get to the chorus. With the volume maxed out, the guitar and vocals get mixed and it’s difficult to clearly spot the different instruments being used. Next up, we tried Without You by David Guetta and we noticed that the bass effect was a tad less than what we’re used to hearing. Also, there was a little jarring at maximum volume. The last one we tried was Wake Me Up by Green Day. Sound quality was brilliant with clear highs and there was only a slight jarring when the overdrive kicked in. Playing music at full volume isn’t the best experience and keeping the volume to about seventy percent of the maximum will definitely give you a much enhanced audio experience.

The insides

The insides


The music is loud enough to fill an average room, but we wouldn’t recommend this speaker set for large rooms.


The Bose Companion 20 Speakers


The Companion 20 are priced at Rs. 14,513. In terms of functionality, these are just a simple set of speakers you would want to attach to your laptop, or PMP for somewhat ‘portable’ audio listening. There’s no fancy stuff like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth streaming. The speakers fair pretty well in terms of performance, and like all other Bose products, are highly priced. If you can shell out money for an expensive set of speakers, you can get the Bose Companion 20.



Configuration 2.0
Frequency Response No Information
Power Rating (RMS) No Information
Aux Jack Yes
Digital Audio Support No Information
Remote No

Speaker Dimensions

Satellites No Information
Subwoofer No Information


Weight No Information
Warranty 1 Year

Published Date: Oct 28, 2011 10:22 am | Updated Date: Oct 28, 2011 10:22 am