Asus EeePC 1005P

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Asus is one of the leading runners in this crazy race of netbooks, and also one of the first adopters of the Pinetrail platform released earlier this year. Today we have a model for which a detailed review hasn't been done globally, a brand new shiny little netbook called the EeePC -1005P.

This one is a glossy little baby, piano black gloss everywhere you look, even the interior wristrest et al Fingerprints will set up camp and never leave. We got a black model, so the smudges were more prominent.

As for ergonomics, we have black gloss touchpad too, dotted for grip. The button is a continuous silver strip; it actually has a slight bit of reflex while pressing, and also makes a very audible sound when clicked. Keyboard is edge to edge, and quite spacious. It’s almost full size, with large and uncramped Shift and Enter keys. No Pg up and Pg Dn squeezed in keys; these extra ones are relegated to the Function key, thus making the keyboard neat and roomy.

The connections on netbook are your regular suite of 3 USBs, and the rest of the regular jingbang of 10/100 LAN port, Stereo Audio in, Card reader slot, Mini VGA and DC power in. As usual this model also comes with Asus Express Gate, accessible by a button on top of the keyboard.

Asus Express Gate is a light OS made by Asus for users to bypass Windows and just use some small internet applications like Skype etc. I like Asus Express gate offering, it’s a very simply UI designed with large icons and super fast response.


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Published Date: Mar 11, 2010 09:56 am | Updated Date: Mar 11, 2010 09:56 am