Alienware OPTX AW2310 LCD monitor

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Alienware, now under the watchful eye of hardware giant Dell, is a brand that delivers serious gaming gear to, well, serious gamers. These premium products include full fledged laptops to gaming peripherals, an important one being the monitor. Today we have a coveted model by them, called the AW2310. It’s large, wide and comes packed with promises, one of them being 120 Hz refresh rate for 3D playback. Let’s check it out.

The bezel itself is a straight up, solid rectangular block made of matte black. There are no curves, no plastic rims nothing. The Alienware logo is printed on the center of the bottom panel, while the right panel lower end, has a column of touch responsive buttons, very seamless and slick. The LEDs representing the buttons light up in pure white.

The stand is where all the action is - it’s glossy and contoured to look like the leg of an Autobot. The screen can swivel and tilt quite healthily: about 45 degrees in each direction with a 20 degree tilt. The screen itself can be adjusted for height, it slides up and down on the stand’s brace.


  •  Panel Size : 23" Widescreen
  •  Aspect Ratio : Widescreen (16:9)
  •  Panel Type : TN - Twisted Nematic
  •  Optimal Resolution : 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)
  •  Contrast Ratio : 80000:1 (max)
  •  Brightness : 400 cd/m2 (typical)
  •  Response Time : 3ms (typical) (grey-to-grey)
  •  Viewing Angle : 170°/ 160°
  •  Color Support : 16.7 million colors
  •  Color Gamut : 83.4%3
  •  Refresh Rate : 120Hz (3D Capable)
  •  Video Connectivity : DVI x 1, HDMI x 1
  •  Audio Connectivity : Yes; Audio In and Out (2.0)
  •  USB Ports : Yes: 4 USB 2.0
  •  User Input / Controls : Touch Capacitive OSD Buttons


First things first, this monitor is 3D capable. But that only means it has 120 Hz capability, and any 3D content will only be possible with Nvidia’s 3D vision suite, which is a separate cost, as it’s a separate peripheral, with the 3D glasses et al. That particular product is reviewed here and frankly the monitor itself has no say or control in the actual 3rd dimension. Its job is to display the dual frames at the required refreshed rate, which it does.

Thus, we set the output to 120 Hz, and loaded in Left For Dead and then Crysis. But before that we did some theoretical test of black levels, color saturation and detail rendering, courtesy Lagom (a brilliant site for anyone and everyone to calibrate their monitors),and the DVE test DVD.

The menu pops up right near the buttons itself, and not the center of the screen, a plus point for ease of use. It’s a simple menu comprising a red and grey design, very minimalist, to the point. The buttons also have a near perfect response.

The contrast is really healthy. Our white level bars showed no blooming and clipping, at a contrast level above 90. The low blacks are not jet black, it still suffers ever so slightly from that LCD “washed out” feel, but it's still quite commendable. Our test pattern is a simple gradient of black to white, and merging of high or low bars is not good, and joyfully this monitor passes the test, with very negligible blotching and blooming at extremes. Even for colors, the saturation is controlled till the highest intensity of reds, blues or greens. NO color bleeding out of borders.

There is slight ghosting, as exposed by a test on Lagom, but it’s not too prominent in real world gaming or while watching a movie. The response time thus seems quite close to its rating of 3 ms, which is a good thing.

Its for 26000 MRP. The monitor comes with a great build and functionality that surpasses others. There are a few un refined things like the dynamic contrast, and the ultra slight ghosting, but other than that the monitor delivers on all fronts as a hardcore gaming monitor. It’s great for watching movies also, as the contrast is really healthy. The price is not cheap, but it’s a good monitor, and worth it for those who need better performance. Of course it's 3D capable, so those who own or plan to own the Nvidia 3D jingbang, may surely consider this monitor as an option.

Published Date: Mar 18, 2010 11:58 am | Updated Date: Mar 18, 2010 11:58 am