Older Google Nexus 7 available for Rs 11,999 for 16 GB model

The verdict is in. Reviewers have unanimously rated the New Google Nexus 7 as the best 7-inch Android tablet on the market in its price range. While the search engine is reportedly planning on releasing the tablet in the Indian market soon, there has been a surge of interest in the older model.

Both Amazon and Flipkart are constantly showing up the Nexus 7 tablet in search results as a 'hot' product, meaning that it is being looked at a lot right now. In fact the 16 GB version of the tablet is available on Amazon.co.in for Rs 11,999. However the price is the same on the Google Play Store.

The screen dimensions of the old and new model are the same, and while the new model has a rear-facing camera, the old model only had a front-facing camera for videoconferencing. The tech experts at Engadgetpoint out that the new version is much more comfortable to use: “We loved how the Nexus 7 felt in our hands, especially since the original version was a good deal thicker... Due to the thinner profile, we found that our hands were able to grasp onto the sides of the device a little more easily.”

Here’s a sampling of the prices online for the 32 GB model of the Google Nexus (original). If you want to opt for a cheaper version, you can look at the 16 GB version as well.

Amazon: Rs 20,999
Snapdeal.com: Rs 18,900
Google Play: Rs 15,999
Ebay: Rs 20,370
Tradus: 18,000
Indiatimes Shopping: Rs 18,429

In India, the Nexus 7 (2012) version starts at Rs 15,999 while the 32 GB version starts at Rs 18,999. Both however are WiFi only. The 32 GB WiFi plus 3G costs Rs 21,900 making it much cheaper than the iPad mini in India. The iPad mini starts at Rs 29,990 for 16 GB with WiFi and 3G making it quite an expensive buy.

However, critics have pointed out that choosing between the iPad Mini and the Google Nexus is a tough choice. But at the end of the day, the tablet wins out at pricing. “Even with the price increase, Google has Apple beaten on price. The Nexus 7 may lack the cachet and many of the apps that the iPad Mini has, but you'll be able to do a lot with it. I hope technology companies won't make price hikes a habit, but this one is made palatable by the device's richer display, sound and camera,” points out a review in the Associated Press.

The iPad Mini 32 GB model retails on Amazon for Rs 35,400.

The new Google Nexus 7. AP

The new Google Nexus 7. AP

The Samsing Galaxy Tab 3 sells on Amazon for Rs 17,399, and it does offer a cheaper version, though as this review on Gigaom.com points out, it will short-sell you on the display and camera. “The new Galaxy Tab 3 tops out at a lowly 1280 x 800 resolution making me feel like I’m looking at a screen from 2010, not from 2013,” says the reviewer. “The rear camera on the Galaxy Tab 3 uses a 3 megapixel sensor and images are acceptable, not impressive.”

The new generation Nexus 7 is the second device released by a joint venture by Google and Taiwanese technology major Asus.

Published Date: Jul 29, 2013 11:45 am | Updated Date: Jul 29, 2013 05:20 pm

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