Zynga's Adventure World goes live on Facebook

Popular social network game developer, Zynga’s latest game, Adventure World has now gone live on Facebook, an official announcement confirmed. According to Zynga, Adventure World, which is by far its largest game, is also its most feature-packed one. With Adventure World going live on Facebook, Zynga claims to have added a new genre to the existing line-up, that of social adventure. The game sees its players on a quest to unlock a brand new universe pf exploration, discovery, puzzle-solving and fun. Adventure World is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Norwegian.

Let the adventure begin

Let the adventure begin



Adventure World, confirms Zynga, marks the debut attempt of Zynga Boston. Continuing further, it reveals that the size of the latest game is 40 times the size of the previous games by Zynga. Interestingly, Zynga claims that Adventure World is complete with five kinds of snakes, four kinds of spiders, two kinds of rams, among other customizations. At launch alone, Zynga claims users will be able to choose across 10,000 avatar variants. 


While the players get on to exploring the universe, they would have to visit five worlds during the course of their expedition – Deep Jungle, Mountain, Cavern, Volcano and El Dorado. They would also have access to 30 environments, and would have to come face to face with ancient puzzles, have to encounter nasty critters and while doing so also get themselves hints to unlocking the secrets to the final world - El Dorado. Adventure World being the most feature-packed comes across from the fact that Zynga claims that players can have their 3D avatars customized and also hoard on specialized adventure tools, which would help them proceed well in the game, like machetes, pickaxes, dynamite and grappling hooks. Going social comes next - Zynga claims that users needn't play the game themselves. They can get as many as 12 of their Facebook friends to join their crew, whereby users will be able to use the special tools of their crew members helping them complete their levels. 


To try out the game, click here

Published Date: Oct 11, 2011 05:49 pm | Updated Date: Oct 11, 2011 05:49 pm