Zynga Releases New Game, "PrivacyVille"

Social game maker Zynga, wants to let users know that privacy is, in fact, important to them and have launched a 'game', PrivacyVille. The company makes most of its money via Facebook of course, and usually the words "Facebook" and "privacy" turn out to be oxymorons. The game aims to teach users how Zynga deals with their privacy, how they treat user information, what they do with it and where it is stored. There actually isn't a lot of "playing" to be done but there is a reward system to act as an incentive for players to actually learn about Zynga's privacy policy. The reward center is called, you guessed it, RewardVille where users can get zPoints.The entire tour through PrivacyVille takes five minutes and users have to answer a few questions at the end in order to reach Rewardville.

Tired of farming? Learn some privacy

Tired of farming? Learn some privacy




Zynga says, "We think this is an important step in creating a recognizable interface to explain privacy, as opposed to the normal fine-print privacy statements you see on sites today. We want players to understand our policies, have fun while they learn about them, and most importantly, be incented to walk through the tutorial".


It does seem a little ironic that Zynga is making a privacy statement on Facebook and one way to see it is that when users get peeved about Facebook's privacy policy, they're not going to use Facebook, which means also that they may not use Zynga applications. To add to the irony though, is a lot of Facebook's privacy squabbles have been over third party usage and Zynga is one of the bigger third party developers for Facebook. The point here is that Zynga wants its users to know that their privacy is important to the company.

Published Date: Jul 08, 2011 10:37 am | Updated Date: Jul 08, 2011 10:37 am