Zynga launches ZombieSmash! for Android

Zynga game ZombieSmash! is now available for Android. This game has already been available in the iOS App Store, with the last update being on the 10th of August last year and the game is already on version 2.1. However, the game has finally come to Android and is available in Google Play for Rs. 52.13. According to a blog post by Zynga, "The game offers sophisticated ragdoll physics combined with the propriety SplatterEngine to create cartoon blood and gore that is both adorable and cathartic -- all at the same time". ZombieSmash! is a defense game where users have to flick and smash zombies until they're dead. Technically, zombies are already dead but the idea is to have them obliterated.

ZombieSmash! comes to Android

ZombieSmash! comes to Android




To keep the fight against zombies interesting, Zynga has added access to over 30 upgrades and special weapons which include asteroids, wrecking balls, liquid nitrogen and gigantic rolling boulders, which can either be used individually or in combination. ZombieSmash! will be available in eight languages and will feature four gameplay modes. There is Campaign mode where players are challenged to survive for 31 days against the mounting zombie threat and 30 nights in the Camp Nowhere Campaign. There is the Endless Seige mode where players are confronted with a never ending zombie assault. They need to hold out as long as possible. There is the Sandbox Mode where users have all the tools they need to defeat the zombies without any worry of peril and finally, there is Bonus Nights, where users destroy zombies in new ways. This special mode can be unlocked through extended gameplay, and by using your brains.


ZombieSmash! for Android comes bundled with live wallpaper and is also optimized for Android based tablets. In the spirit of ZombieSmash! coming to Android, Zynga's also made a video (see below) of a timelapse where the Android mascot slowly turns into a zombie.




For more zombie fun on your Android device, watch out for Zombies, Run! which should be out sometime this year. The app, which is already available for iOS helps you with your interval training while you run by making you think that there are zombies chasing you. The app contains 13 missions to get runners running more and contain seperate programs for beginner runners as well as more seasoned runners. In the meantime, enjoy smashing zombies with Zynga on your Android.

Published Date: Apr 27, 2012 05:02 pm | Updated Date: Apr 27, 2012 05:02 pm