Zynga celebrates Enrique on CityVille

Zynga has announced a partnership with international superstar Enrique Iglesias to bring players to Zynga’s new game, called CityVille. Beginning next Tuesday, October 4th – players in CityVille will be greeted by Enrique and they can interact with him as part of their core (or, day-to-day) game-play. This new tie up is a part of Enrique’s Euphoria Tour, which kicked off September 22nd. Players can interact with Enrique’s avatar, get rewards that showcase Enrique’s lifestyle and hobbies, and build a virtual Euphoria Arena in their city to unlock a preview of Enrique’s upcoming music video, ‘I Like How it Feels.’


Please don't turn off the lights?

Please don't turn off the lights?


The Enrique game will run from October 4th through October 10th in CityVille, and will feature, obviously, Enrique in game. Players over level 6 will be visited in their city by Enrique’s avatar, and will be prompted to click on the character and view his dialogues. Users can also collect Enrique’s trademark brown boots, leather bracelet, military cap and even a 2-seater plane. And for the grand finale, players build Enrique’s Euphoria Arena and unlock a preview of Enrique’s newest music video in-game, ‘I Like How it Feels’ (featuring Pitbull and The WAV.s).


This partnership comes close on the heels of previous entertainment partnerships with Indiana Jones, Lady Gaga and her GagaVille, and Dr. Dre. According to AppData.com, CityVille currently has 69+ million people that play the game each month and Zynga has over 232 million people that play the games each month, across 166 countries. The addition of Enrique will definitely help increase the numbers by a few notches.

Published Date: Oct 01, 2011 12:43 pm | Updated Date: Oct 01, 2011 12:43 pm