Zune Marketplace Now Available in India

When we reviewed the Windows Phone 7 devices, namely the HTC HD7 and the Mozart, one of the biggest issues for us was the lack of the Zune Marketplace in India, making it impossible to purchase apps and the like without creating an US account and having some sort of payment option for it. However, that seems to be changing, what with the Zune Marketplace now being available in India.


A new dimension

A new dimension




According to Windows Phone Sauce, the Marketplace is indeed up and running for Indian WP7 users, but there has been no confirmation from Microsoft regarding this development. This might mean they are now ready to roll out the Marketplace to various other markets as well. However, there’s a catch. None of the Marketplace features, apart from the Apps, seem to be working currently. This includes the Zune Pass, music and videos access.

It certainly is a welcome change though, and one that brings a new dimension to WP7 devices in the country. Hopefully Microsoft won’t stop here and bring in the rest of the features, as well.

Published Date: Apr 04, 2011 10:16 am | Updated Date: Apr 04, 2011 10:16 am