ZombieSmash hits the Google Play store

The world’s most popular monster is the Zombie and killing this genre of creature is just about the most entertaining thing there is. From movies to the mobile, Zombie killing has become the world’s favourite pass time. A while back, popular mobile and social game developer, Zynga released a popular Zombie killing game for the iOS platform. The survival game, called ZombieSmash priced at $0.99 (Rs.54.5) on iTunes was quite a hit for those who loved mulching Zombies on their mobile handsets. With a gory theme and plenty of guns, bombs and what have you in terms of arsenal, your character is all set to defend himself and his castle from the unruly undead. 


Now, amongst the hundreds of existing Zombie-based games already available for download, ZombieSmash has smashed its way onto Google’s Android platform as well. Priced equivalent to its iOS version, Rs.54.03 on the Google Play store, the latest in the zombie killing games could prove to be quite an entertainer. 

Dropping bombs, asteroids, boulders etc.. is all good

Drop bombs, asteroids, boulders etc.. it's all good


Joey, a lone survivor in what is obviously a post apocalyptic world where Zombies are naturally all that’s left of the human race, is the central character who you play in the game. To help Joey survive the hordes of the undead, players will have to get dexterous and start flicking away to smash the monsters into oblivion, or into lumps of gooey mass, whatever comes first. The game includes over 30 specials and upgrades that can be used in ‘battle’. Some of these include asteroids, wrecking balls, liquid nitrogen and a gigantic and/or rolling boulders. They can also be combined to perform even more entertaining kills, like smashing nitrogen-frozen zombies with a boulder. The physics and rag-doll animation from SplatterEngine make for humorous gameplay. Handsets with speedy processors will obviously play much smoother. 


There are four game modes - Campaign Mode, Endless Siege Mode, Sandbox Mode and Bonus Nights Mode, each with their own variety of raining down mayhem on the attacking Zombie clusters. To add just that extra little spark of entertainment, Chris Hülsbeck, who’s responsible for scores to classic games, like Turrican, Giana Sisters and the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series has produced the original soundtrack for ZombieSmash


Get ZombieSmash for your Android handset here.