Zombies, Run! conducts interval training by making you run from zombies

While music might suffice for many runners, some need a little more. Enter, Zombies, Run!, an app designed to make you run away from zombies at specific intervals on your run. The app has zombies chasing you and the only way to escape and survive is to run away in real life. The app's co-creator Adrian Hon said, "When you're out running, you'll occasionally get chased by zombies and you'll need to speed up in response over the next minute. That's very much like interval training, which is one of the best ways to get fit and to improve cardio. But it's incredibly hard to make yourself do it because it's painful. But when you're being chased by zombies, well that's another thing."  The app has two actors performing the bits needed to make it look like zombies are chasing you. The zombies will appear randomly in between the music that the runner is listening to for two minutes. Once those two minutes are up, the music will resume playing. Watch the video below to see how the app works.




The app also presents runners with missions and currently there are 13 missions to complete. Each mission takes about half an hour to complete. 17 more missions are in development and there are power ups like medicine, batteries and water to help you progress through the game. Hon described the beginning of the third mission, saying that it automatically made him speed up his run. "You hear the sound of the gates of the base you live in going up and someone says, "The gates are broken -- we've got an emergency' and suddenly the megaphone goes on and tells you to report to the gate immediately 'Go, go, go!' Every time I hear it, I still speed up. And it puts a smile on my face because I think 'OK, let's go for it'"


An update that will come to the app will track metrics, speed, distance and calories burned. The company is also reported to be working on add-on packs, one for beginner runners to ease them into running and one for interval training. Zombies, Run! is available for $7.99 (approx Rs.399) from the iOS App Store and will come to Android in the spring.


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