Zee New Media brings country's first OTT TV distribution platform - Ditto TV

The digital segment of one of India's oldest media and entertainment companies, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEE), Zee New Media has brought to the fore the country's first (Over-The-Top) OTT TV distribution platform, called Ditto TV. With Ditto TV, which essentially is a video streaming platform, Zee New Media plans to bring LIVE TV Channels and On Demand Video Content to viewers, right on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Connected TVs and Entertainment boxes. Powered by Siemens Communications, Media and Technology, the service will offer services, like - Live TV, Video-on-Demand, News and Weather Information, Catch-up TV, Music-on-Demand and In-app Wallet, a feature it plans to introduce, soon. In an official statement from the company, the following features of the service have been highlighted:


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  • In App Registration: Seamless sign-up process with SMS password retrieval  
  • Purchase and Payments: Online & prepaid card payment; Subscription & voucher purchases 
  • Multi-device access: Up to 2 devices can be registered per user account 
  • Single user login: At a time only 1 device can be logged in per user account


The official statement further adds that Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian users enjoy Ditto TV on their devices. Android users can use the Ditto TV application for Android, which is supported across all  Android versions from v2.2, onwards that support the Adobe AIR framework. Apps can be downloaded off the Android market, too. Content can be viewed on screen resolutions, like 1280x800, 1024x600, 800x480 (Portrait & Landscape).


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iOS users can enjoy the service, too, across versions 4.x and 5.x. DittoTV is supported on iPhone3GS, iPhone4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad2. PC or MAC users can view Ditto TV, too. The Ditto TV application the application is based on the Adobe AIR framework, which means it supports all current Windows and MAC versions, which include Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS X Version 10.6 or 10.7. BlackBerry users, too can have their share of Ditto TV. BlackBerry users using various series with OS version 5 to 7 can avail the features of Ditto TV. Users can download the application from Blackberry’s regional App World. Symbian users, with OS versions v9.4 S60 5th ed. and Symbian^3 (Anna) can enjoy Ditto TV on their smartphones. The official statement also reveals that soon a Symbian application for the service will come to the Ovi Store. Explaining the connectivity bit, the statement confirms that users will  need a connected device with 3G / broadband Internet via a Wi -Fi, Wireless Data or Fixed Line connection to avail Ditto TV. 


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Ditto TV, at present is a collective of 21 channels. In the official statement it has been revealed that, Ditto TV has partnered with Multi Screen Media (Sony Entertainment Television), TV Today Network, BBC and Zee for content. The channel is hopeful of adding 50 more channels to its kitty, shortly. While the company is in plans of rolling out the channel to viewers countries, like the UK, UAE, New Zealand, Australia and U.S, by the end of this quarter; it states that the content will be available at varying price points, with the lowest one being Rs.49.

Published Date: Feb 29, 2012 06:50 pm | Updated Date: Feb 29, 2012 06:50 pm