Zebronics' Zeb-NC4000 Cooling Pad launched

Top Notch Infotronix, under the brand, 'Zebronics' has launched the Zeb-NC4000 cooling pad - a new range of cooling solutions to its existing line-up of notebook accessories. Zebronics claims that the latest in its cooling pad solutions range allows users mobility with the cooling pad. Simply put, according to Zebronics users with the Zeb-NC4000 fixed to their notebooks won't be confined to their office or home desks, and will be able to take it along with them, while on the move. 

Stylish-looking Zeb-NC4000 Cooling Pad

Stylish-looking Zeb-NC4000 cooling pad



Zebronics claims that the Zeb-NC4000 cooling pad comes with 5 different ergonomic angles, which it adds will give users 5 different viewing positions. Additionally, Zebronics states that the cooling pad houses 2 red fans, which are made of of durable aluminium and plastic material and do the job of cooling the laptop by providing high airflow of upto 16.69 CFM red fan. It also comes in a foldable style, allowing the users to carry it with ease. It also comes with a removable USB cable, which Zebronics adds can be connected to the laptop. Alternatively, when not in use it can be bundled up and snugly fit inside the cooling pad. 


Top Notch Infotronix's Zeb NC-4000 cooling pad is now available in the market with a price tag of Rs. 750.