Zebronics releases new PC cabinets Scallop, Aero and Mines

Supplier of products and accessories for computers, consumer electronics and communications, Top Notch Infotronix has introduced three new cabinet models - Scallop, Aero and Mines - under the brand Zebronics. The new cabinets incorporate matte black interiors. Zebronics is known for having one of the widest line-ups of cabinets, with more than 75 types of cabinets, varying from entry-level cabinets to high-end enthusiast cabinets.


The Scallop is embellished with a combination of a matte and glossy finish for the front panel, shaped like undulating waves. The Aero has an offset mesh grill front panel that gives it an industrial look, and improves air circulation inside the cabinet. The third model, Mines incorporates a mesh grill and a glossy finish on its front panel. The cabinets have dual 80 mm fans on the side panels for improved air circulation and black interiors providing protection. It has heavy duty steel casing, an illuminated power switch, and front USB and audio ports. All three cabinets models have the capacity of holding five 3.5mm devices and two optical disk drives or 5.25-inch devices and can support both ATX and mATX type motherboards. While maintaining a simple layout, users still have heaps of space to manage their drives.


Introducing the new cabinets, Pradeep Doshi, Director of Sales, Topnotch Infotronix, said, “Taking note of feedback from users and reviewers, we are confident our new models Scallop, Aero and Mines with their superior features and contemporary styling will appeal to consumers.



The Zebronics Aero on the left, and the Zebronics Scallop on the right

The Zebronics Aero on the left, and the Zebronics Scallop on the right




The last gaming cabinet released by Zebronics was the Bijli 2. Zebronics had incorporated many high-end features in this cabinet such as USB 3.0, powder coated  interiors, bottom mounting PSU, and multiple 120 mm LED fans. It was engineered with AirTake front panel, Delta side panel and Hexacone top panel for better air circulation inside the chassis. The Bijli 2 comes with a front 120 mm blue LED intake fan one on the side, which provides excellent air intake. There is one 120 mm blue LED fan at the top for exhaust, and another fan on the back for cross-ventilation as well as silent operation. The PSU is bottom-mounted, thus allowing better cooling and longer lifespan of the power supply.  Zebronics have incorporated a tool-less design for the hard drive trays and there’s space for four 3.5-inch HDDs. The transparent Delta side panel has a fan and vents, which look excellent, as well as provide good cooling performance.


Widely available through retailers in accessories markets and select online resellers, the cabinets are priced at Rs. 1699 for the Scallop, Rs. 1899 for the Aero and Rs. 1899 for the Mines models.

Published Date: Jul 23, 2012 03:44 pm | Updated Date: Jul 23, 2012 03:44 pm