Zebronics Launches Ultra Portable Speaker - Nitro

Zebronics has introduceds a battery operated portable speaker, Nitro, that  plays music content right off a memory card or USB device or any connected audio source. It also includes built in FM radio with preset function.

Zebronics is famous for bringing all kinds of speaker, headphones and other peripheral technology to the masses. Their latest offering is in the form of an ultra portable powered speaker for your mobile phone, laptop or your music player – enter the Zebronics Nitro.

This small, neat, funky looking speaker is loaded with options from a built-in FM radio to a Line-In for external sources as well as a memory card slot that lets you simply slip in an SD/MMC card with audio to immediate playback. It’s even got a USB 2.0 port for plugging in thumb drives.

Funky looks, feature rich

Funky looks, feature rich


It’s designed to appeal to those looking for a chic portable speaker set and features a black front mesh set off by a glossy red fascia bearing a cool graphic design on the music theme. The metallic casing shields it from everyday bumps and knocks while on the move. The speakers have been optimally placed inside the small plastic housing to create best possible sound without compromise on portability.

It measures just 20 x 3.5 x 7 cm and comes with a Li-ion battery pack.  The company claims the Nitro’s battery should provide 90-120 minutes of non-stop playback on a single charge. The speakers are designed to dish out 5 Watts (RMS). Other features include auto power off and track-change/volume-control buttons. The Zebronics Nitro comes bundled with USB cable (for charging), a 3.5mm jack audio cable (for connecting the music source) and even a pouch to carry it conveniently to avoid it getting scratched.

The Zebronics Nitro portable speaker is priced at Rs. 950 and includes a year's warranty.


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Published Date: May 18, 2011 02:54 pm | Updated Date: May 18, 2011 02:54 pm