Zebronics launches new wireless mouse, the BLUE MO

Zebronics has launched a new wireless Bluetooth mouse, which goes by the name BLUE MO. The mouse comes with a smart sleep mode and an On/Off switch with 3.0 optical technology. According to the company, this technology provides laser-grade precision and uses a lot less power to maximize the battery life. The main features of the mouse are faster scrolling, wheel navigation and laser grade precision.


The Red and Black BLUE MO mice

The Red and Black BLUE MO mice



The BLUE MO has a sculpted design and a soft grip that facilitates browsing and navigation. It comes with a 1600Dpi sensor and a scroll wheel. The Zebronics wireless mouse features a new wheel that has more grooves per millimetre, which makes scrolling through long web pages a little faster. Plus on most computer systems, it lets users move backward and forward on the Web with a swipe.


The mouse instantly reconnects during each use and operates without interference from other wireless devices. The sculpted form allows the mouse to be used by either, the right or the left hand. The 1600 Dpi optical sensor technology ensures accurate movement on the screen with a maximum distance of 10 metres. The BLUE MO does not need a receiver and hence preserves that extra USB port for other devices. It can be used with or without a mouse pad. 


The Zebronics BLUE MO is available from computer accessories and electronics stores at a price of Rs. 740.

Published Date: Oct 25, 2011 05:40 pm | Updated Date: Oct 25, 2011 05:40 pm