Zebronics launches five new 5.1 channel speaker systems

Expanding the ‘Sound Monster’ line of speaker systems from Zebronics, the new range includes five models that are designed to blend well in styling with modern computers and complement any decor. The robust full-range speakers and front-firing subwoofer draw listeners to the center of the action. The cabinets are beautifully crafted to help resonate full bass for true surround-sound performance. The new range include the following models; the ZEB-SWT9200RUCF(140W), ZEB-SWT9100RUCF (140W), ZEB-SW8500RUCF (110W), ZEB-SWT8300RUCF (95W) and ZEB-SWT8200RUCF (95W) and are available at prices varying from Rs.6,200 to Rs.4500 at all leading electronic stores.


Commenting on the new lineup, Mr. Pradeep Doshi, Director-Sales, Top Notch Infotronix said “Whether you're listening to rock-pop-jazz music, watching your favorite movie, or playing your favorite video game, the experience is always richer when you get engrossed in the audio. Our latest 5.1 Sound Monster speaker systems provide an immersive experience – so you can lose yourself in whatever you’re into. For movie aficionados, music enthusiasts and hardcore gamers, the new range delivers influential audio for your room. Engineers from Zebronics have worked closely, conducting several tests covering frequency response, power output, distortion, noise and overall performance."


The speakers also feature an in-built memory card reader that enables you to directly play stored audio content, while the inbuilt FM tuner with preset function ensures you never miss your favourite radio programmes. Both FM radio and memory-card play can be controlled by the remote or by the on-system touch panel, with a front-mounted digital display.

Published Date: Feb 25, 2012 01:50 pm | Updated Date: Feb 25, 2012 01:50 pm