Zebronics introduces Vivo wireless headphones at Rs 770

Over the past few days, Zebronics, a part of Top Notch Infotronix has announced a range of products from headphones to PC cabinets. Building up on this momentum, Zebronics has recently announced the Vivo, a multimedia wireless headphone with a built-in mic, priced at Rs 770

Zebronics claims that with Vivo’s wireless streaming, one can listen to music, FM, and also make wireless calls from a distance of 30 meters from the transmitter. It also has an option to monitor conversations wirelessly. Vivo’s dual mode lets you to use the headphone wirelessly as well as in wired mode with a 3.5mm stereo cable, which is included in the packaging.

Wireless headphones with FM capabilities

Wireless headphones with FM capabilities


Commenting on the Vivo wireless headphones, Pradeep Doshi, Director Sales, Top Notch Infotronix, said, “With VIVO, you get best wireless audio experience at such an affordable price, whether you are making calls, listening to music or FM. Simply connect VIVO to your television and listen to your favorite sport channel commentary without causing any disturbance to people around you, and vice versa.”

As mentioned earlier, Zebronics has also has PC cabinets as part of its line up and building up on its existing portfolio of PC cabinets, Zebronics, a part of Top Notch Infotronix, has recently announced two new PC cabinets called Nice and Stroke. Both cabinets have a glossy finish on the front panel, and come equipped with USB audio ports. The sides of these PC chassis feature perforated side panels that help in better cooling.

Commenting on the launch, Pradeep Doshi, Director - Sales at Top Notch Infotronix said, "Chassis has been always a passion for us at Zebronics. Nice and Stroke are another effort from Zebronics to bring world class products to India at an affordable price for everyone."

Here is a quick look at the main specifications of the Nice and Stroke PC cabinets:

  • Slots for 2 x 3.5-inch HDD devices
  • Slots for 2 x 5.25-inch optical drives

Zebronics is selling the Stroke PC cabinet in India at Rs 1,199, and the Nice is available for Rs 1,349.

Earlier this year, Zebronics, expanding on its AV range had launched the ZEB-S990Hi fi, which feature triple drivers in each satellite. According to the company, the drivers enable 3D sound simulation. The side drivers have double cannon symmetry with double bass drivers. The speaker also comes packed with a noise reduction technology.

It is powered by USB. Laptop users can just plug in the speaker in the USB port and use it; no power outlet is required. Each channel of the speaker is 5W, bringing the total output to 10W. According to the company, the ZEB-S990Hi fi has been given the Sound Monster certification. It comes in a glossy grey finish.

Published Date: Oct 15, 2012 01:08 pm | Updated Date: Oct 15, 2012 01:08 pm