YouTube's new features will make uploading videos a breeze

It’s about time! YouTube is rolling out a couple of updates to make life easier for content creators while uploading videos. The video sharing website is making all newly-uploaded videos private by default and will be emailing uploaders to inform them that their video has been published.

YouTube engineer Balazs Dezso wrote in a blog post that the video sharing website had received feedback on the fact that uploading videos was a “bit of a drag". YouTube had taken this feedback under consideration and had announced these two new features.

First up is the upload notification email. Anyone who has tried to upload videos on YouTube knows how annoying it can get to refresh the page on and on till the video is finally uploaded and is ready to be shared. YouTube is making it easier for you to go about your work while your video uploads in the background. It will now send you an email informing you when your video is done uploading and processing.

You can share the email with your friends too

You can share the email with your friends too


This feature will especially be useful to those with a slower Internet connection. Instead of waiting till the video is done uploading, they can do pretty much anything else. You can even forward the email that you receive as notification to your family and friends to ease sharing. Of course, if you wish to not receive emails informing you about your uploads, you can opt out of it.

The other new feature will prove to be extremely useful if your channel has a high following on YouTube. Soon, all your YouTube videos will be set to private till you decide when it should be published.

This will give you ample time to fill in details like title, description and custom message to send to your subscribers. Until you specifically ask YouTube to publish your video, it will be treated as private so that it is only visible to you. The feature will be rolled out in the next week.

YouTube is rumoured to be launching paid subscription channels in the upcoming week as well. This ease of upload could well be to appease subscription channel content creators. It’s a good move indeed as this could mean fewer slip-ups by channels who won’t push a video out till it is ready to be seen. 

Published Date: May 06, 2013 04:05 pm | Updated Date: May 06, 2013 04:05 pm