YouTube videos that went viral in February

Gangnam Style, who? We’ve got a bunch of new viral videos that can give Psy’s crazy horse dance a run for its money. February’s viral videos not only spawned multiple impersonations from groups worldwide but also stirred, literally moved and had people rolling in the aisles. Air India aisles. You’ll see why.

Here’s a disclaimer before we begin. If you’re easily offended by words or actions, we’d suggest you take your ire to the nearest Censor Board office since some of the videos here might not quite suit your palate.

An eclectic mix of things that make you smile, make you go "LOL" or "What the f**k" ,or make you want to go take a dip in the holy Ganges. Presenting our compilation of the wackiest videos that almost fried the cables as they buzzed around world wide web at break neck speed all this month:

The Air India Pilot Rap
It’s no secret that the erstwhile Maharaja of the skies, Air India has been running into some trouble. The veteran airline service has been having to face so many issues from grounded flights to furious passengers that even Vijay Mallya chilling in his private jet is saying, “Thank God, this shit’s over!”

But spare some thought for the airline staff that has been sitting at home twiddling their thumbs in the hope that their nightmare will come to an end. While most irate staffers must be venting their anger by showing Air India the finger and drinking alcohol brewed by Mallya’s company, one creative pilot came out and… rapped.


Yes, Captain Anjum Chabra did what every rapper does – beside rap about bling, money and booty that is – and rapped about how sad and upset he was with the system. Wait, he could’ve just written a rock track about showing it to the man, but whatever sails the captain’s boat… er, flight.

Chabra is shown to be getting prepared for a flight when he gets a call from the bosses informing him that it’s been cancelled. He flies into a rage and raps about how happy he was when he first joined Air India only to see it go downhill from here. He rhymes about everyone from the union, his bosses and 60-year-old airhostesses he calls “aunties”.

We need not tell you how much hot soup Chabra has landed himself into (no pun intended) with the Airlines baying for his blood. The Dreamliner pilot unconditionally apologised and pulled the video off the net, but you know what they say, Captain Chabra – Once it’s on the net, it’s on the net. At least his career as a rapper is going to take off soon thanks to all the shares he snagged on Facebook.

Evolution of Mommy Dance by Michelle Obama
The stunning First Lady of the United States of America made an appearance on a talk show only to have a dance-off with the host in drag. Now, here’s what viral videos are made of. Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Obama, currently the most powerful man in the world by virtue of being the President of the USA, shaking a leg on TV.

We’ve seen her countless times on YouTube engaged in a beautiful ball dance with her husband and here she was showing how mommies actually dance on special occasions. Mommy Michelle shows us how to “raise the roof,” “bump hips,” “just the hand part of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’” and “Where’s your father? Get him back here” as she shakes a leg with a Jimmy Falon dressed as a lady.


Obama was grooving on TV in support of her “Let’s Move” campaign that aims to curb childhood obesity. Through the video, she urged parents to shake a leg with their kids no matter how awkwardly they danced.


The video has ratcheted up over 12 million views in less than 10 days, a pace blistering enough to earn it viral creds. We're glad that after a really long time, women around the world, especially in the US, have found a lady in authority they can look up to who underneath everything is a simple wife and mom. How touching!

Epic Rap Battles: Gandhi versus Martin Luther King Jr.
This one had us falling off our seats, clutching our sides. Now, we’ve seen some pretty Epic Rap Battles in the past, like Hitler versus Vader, Gandalf versus Dumbledore and even Santa versus Moses with Snoop Dogg, but this was up there with the best of them.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of Epic Rap Battles, the creators pit two familiar characters – friends, enemies and, in this case, master and follower – against each other in a nasty battle of wits.


Gandhi, like we all know, was Martin Luther King Jr.’s idol when he started his fight for African-American civil rights. The video puts them up against each other to see who “was a better pacifist”. The rap soon descends into personal jibes at each other with MLK Jr. saying that Gandhi could end his fast with the serving he was about to give him and Bapu calling Jr. Dr. Birmingham Sandwich.

Just when you think they’d probably beat each other up, Gandhi and MLK Jr. lock themselves in an embrace of “forgiveness” and “passive resistance to the fact that he (Jr.) ‘sucks.’” That’s the most violent display of non-violence we’ve ever seen!

Rappin for Jesus
Rap seems to be in for this season and in its most insensitive form. The video shows a pastor rapping about the Good Lord in order to get more youngsters to join in. The uploader announced that he helped the pastor make this video almost hinting at the fact that he did so deliberately.

Cool Pastor and Mrs. Colerick drop some “sick” rhymes, announcing to the kids listening in that Jesus Christ was their "nigga”. What’s more epic is that the couple know exactly how cool they sound as they’re rapping out the verses.


Goes without saying that you should not be seeing this video if you are easily offended. If religion was really this youth friendly, this world would be a whole different place.

Harlem Shake

 This has to be the most “What the hell is going on?” video craze we’ve ever come across in recent times and that is including the horse dance that everyone from Chris Gayle to Tusshar Kapoor’s poorer Bollywood clone Jackky Bhagnani seems to be doing.

Featuring a clipping of electronic artist Bauer’s track, the video starts off innocuously enough with a man in a helmet or some other headgear thrusting his pelvis on the beat while the people around him seem oblivious of this. Fifteen seconds into the video, the bass drops and we have what's called a "jump -cut". The scene, which was being captured in a fixed frame, is now filled with people, typically in weird costumes going beserk. Hey look! A meta video about a virus going viral!


The good thing about this video meme is that it’s a measly 30 seconds long. The bad part about this video is that it makes us worry for some of the guys in the video who look like they’re having a seizure.

The video meme now has over 100,000 versions with almost half a billion views, all in less than 30 days. We're sure this phenomenon will be dissected by digital marketing firms who are always hunting for a viral and scientists trying to figure out human behaviour, and spawning a flotilla of "whitepapers" and articles. 

Those were the "viral" videos just for this month and we're just two months into the year. If you think we’ve missed out on some, then do let us know in the comments below.

Published Date: Mar 01, 2013 01:14 pm | Updated Date: Mar 01, 2013 01:14 pm