Youtube Updates Its Mobile Site Adding More Features

YouTube has launched an updated version of its YouTube Mobile website ( ) designed for HTML5-capable browsers such as the iPhone's Safari and those on Android-based phones.

"(The update) incorporates the features and functionality you've come to expect from the .com site, like search query suggestions, the options to create playlists, the ability to designate 'favorite,' 'like' or 'unlike' videos directly from your device," YouTube product manager Andrey Doronichev writes in a introductory blog post.

"YouTube Mobile now receives more than 100 million video playbacks a day," writes Doronichev. "This is roughly the number of daily playbacks that was streaming when we joined forces with Google in 2006."

This website is designed for the iPhone in particular, which already has a Youtube application. The website however, aims to look much better in comparison.

Published Date: Jul 08, 2010 02:18 pm | Updated Date: Jul 08, 2010 02:18 pm