YouTube uniformly rolls out its One Channel design

All YouTube channels will bear the new One Channel design starting today, in line with an earlier announcement. For those not in the know, last month YouTube had announced that it would launch its new One Channel design across all channels starting June 5. Allison Bransfield, Product Specialist at YouTube, said that those who did not opt for the new design by that date, would be automatically and permanently ushered into the new design.

YouTube One Channel, that users were first introduced to in March this year, aims to make channels look good on all screen sizes and devices while letting channel creators customise how videos and playlists are organised to best fit their channel strategies.


Rolled out for all channels


Users can begin by uploading an attractive channel art, if they want to give their channels a visual identity. For an appropriate channel art, users need to first pick an image that best represents their channel, and it should be 2560px by 1440px to achieve best results on all devices. They can then proceed to create a trailer for their channel. This trailer will play for any visitor who isn't a subscriber yet. Users can consider it as an opportunity to get a visitor hooked to their channel, and eventually turn them into subscribers. YouTube suggests users should "treat this trailer as if it were an ad."

They can move on to creating sections. Channel creators can pick the videos and playlists they want to showcase in the sections on their channel's browse tab. Finally, they can link their channel with a Google+ page or profile. This is helpful, considering it will make it simpler for channel creators to keep their branding up-to-date, since their channel art will represent them across YouTube, Google+, and all Google properties.

Channel creators can leverage the new look to turn more visitors into subscribers by controlling what visitors watch when they click on a channel from the Guide, according to YouTube.

Published Date: Jun 06, 2013 08:27 am | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2013 08:27 am