YouTube iOS app can now send videos to TV, Xbox, PS3

The YouTube app for iOS has been updated and now lets you play and control videos on your Google TV, Xbox or PS3 with your iPhone or iPad. What's more, those on the same Wi-Fi connection as you can join in to control the video and/or add videos to the existing playlist. Check out to see how it works. YouTube's Google+ page has stated that the app will support more TVs in the future, including LG, Sony, Panasonic and others.


Among other things, the app now allows you to record and upload videos using YouTube Capture. YouTube Capture was introduced by Google in December last year. The app emerged as the search giant's attempt to speed up recording, enhance and share videos. YouTube Capture lets you record videos as soon as you open it, and once you are done filming, you can add a caption, select the audience you want to share it with and then hit Share. The video will then be uploaded in the background.


Use it like a remote control for YouTube



Google rolled out the TV playback management option to the YouTube Android app last month. You can manage TV playback right from the notification bar if you have paired the app with your TV. The update also fixed a niggly bug that did not allow users to view videos in full screen despite hitting the option. The YouTube app also allows users to use their Google+ profiles on the platform, which is another step towards moving to Google accounts from YouTube accounts.


In November last year, we got the option to link YouTube channels with our Google+ pages. Users could also set their channel names as their Google identities. The advanced Google+ page management features will work for channels that have been linked with Google+ pages. Folks at Google have been trying this option with Google Analytics, YouTube Creators, etc. and are planning to make this feature available to the public in the weeks to come.

Published Date: Mar 04, 2013 13:18 PM | Updated Date: Mar 04, 2013 13:18 PM