YouTube for Android updated, fixes full screen bug

YouTube for Android has been updated with a couple of new features and bug fixes. Importantly, the update fixes a niggly bug that did not allow users to view videos in full screen despite hitting the option. Head over to the Google Play store in case you haven't installed the app yet.


The YouTube app now allows users to use their Google+ profiles on the platform, which is another step towards moving to Google accounts from YouTube accounts. For those who've paired the app with their TVs, the new update allows users to manage TV playback right from the notification bar.


In November last year, we had reported that users would have the option to link their YouTube channel with their Google+ page. It would be possible for users to set their channel names as their Google identity. The advanced Google+ page management features will work for channels that have been linked with Google+ pages. Folks at Google have been trying this option with Google Analytics, YouTube Creators, etc. and are planning to make this feature available to the public in the weeks to come.

Updated YouTube Android app fixes full screen bug

Brings a host of goodies



A couple of days ago, it had been reported that users of BlackBerry 7 and 7.1 OS were not able to view YouTube videos on their phones. Reportedly, users could open the app and search for videos, but could not play them. The error had been attributed to the YouTube app, however, and not the OS itself. However, Google soon issued a fix for this problem and YouTube is back for the affected devices.


In December, Waldemar Baraldi and Dan Delima, software engineers at Google, announced that they have updated the YouTube app for Android tablets, as well as their mobile website for tablets. Those using the YouTube Android app on a tablet will have a "refreshed YouTube experience." There's a Guide that allows users to have easy access to their favourite channels, while showing ways to discover new ones.


Those using the mobile site——on their tablets are in for a treat, as the site has also been refreshed for tablets. It features the same Guide, has user subscriptions and easier controls for sending videos from one's tablet to a TV.


YouTube recently went in for a simpler, cleaner look. In the new look that YouTube now embodies, users will notice that the most crucial elements are placed front and centre while viewing a video. The video itself is placed right at the top of the page, whereas the subscribe button, social actions and video information are now below the player.


Users can view the playlists that are available to the right of the video, allowing them to browse through while watching. The cleaner, simpler look has been spread across the entire site.

Published Date: Feb 22, 2013 07:06 pm | Updated Date: Feb 22, 2013 07:06 pm