YouTube enables 2D to 3D conversion in a click

Just recently, Google had announced several exciting additions on YouTube, enabling the use of creator tools, Instagram-like features, among others. Now, according to a blog post, popular video sharing website, YouTube will now allow conversion of 2D videos, to an impressive 3D. We know that this feature already exists, since sometime now, but the catch here is that conversion to 3D will now happen in a click, quite literally. YouTube has added a new tool to its existing process of uploading to a regular 2D video to be viewed in 3D. With this update, all that users have to do is click a button after the upload begins. Users need to go to 'Edit Info', and then click on '3D video' for the required video.

Packed with new features

Packed with new features



The post further reveals that while the conversion happens in a click, users will need a pair of 3D glasses to view what they've created. It is also being learnt that apart from the above mentioned quick 3D conversion technique, YouTube has something for amateur moviemakers, too. By introducing Magisto and Vlix - two video-editing options, YouTube has given beginners a chance to create something unique and interesting. While Magisto takes the unedited videos of the users and makes short, fun clips out of them, Vlix allows them to add effects to their video, to help give it the edge. 


And now for some cookies. YouTube has, among other things announced that those users who undergo the complete verification process, which includes adding one's phone number, and not infringing on any copyright laws, will get an extension to the 15-minute upload. What does that mean? Simple, they will have the liberty to post videos longer than the 15-minute duration. 


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Published Date: Sep 24, 2011 03:25 pm | Updated Date: Sep 24, 2011 03:25 pm