Your Home Now on the Go

Ever wished for that perfect long drive with family where you would have all your basics at your disposal, yes, even inside the confines of your car?

Multi - utility



SwissMade, an innovator has come with a solution to transform the confined spaces of your car. According to its latest ‘Home on Board’ innovation, it’s now possible to carry your kitchen, bedroom and living room on the go, making your car a virtual motor home. Let’s simplify the concept for you. It looks just like the modular kitchen sets that are a norm these days. The model is prepared keeping in mind the build and space limitations of most cars (Compact, Station Wagons and Monospaces) in the market today.

That would fit in your car!

That would fit in your car!



To begin with, the base frames are not of a standard build. SwissMade claims that it would take one approx 5 minutes to build the whole thing, which includes fixing the base frame of the SwissRoomBox with ratchet straps on the 4 anchoring points located in the boot of the car. Another 10 minutes will be required to install two modules and other accessories. The ‘putting together the pieces’ aspect of the modular ‘Home on Board’ innovation is completely devoid of tools. All the electronic appliances in this build will all depend on your car battery for sourcing its power.

It comes with a year’s warranty, and covers all workmanship defects in this duration. We did love this concept, but we aren’t quite sure as to how it will fit into the picture of a quintessential Indian family.

Published Date: Apr 06, 2011 12:03 pm | Updated Date: Apr 06, 2011 12:03 pm