You have to be a computer scientist to use Android - Ballmer

Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich platform was just shown off and phones running it should arrive very soon. Microsoft's Steve Ballmer in an interview by Business Insider, spoke about the iPhone and Android and how the iPhone was Microsoft's main competition. He called them a different kind of competitor. When asked about Microsoft building tablets and phones to offer competition to Apple’s iPhone and iPads, he didn’t give a very clear response but he thanked the interviewer for his suggestions. He said that Apple’s Siri was a nice feature, but  also added that Microsoft had been doing it for years. When asked about Android, he said that one doesn’t have to be a computer scientist to use Windows Phones, but you do need to be one if you want to use an Android phone. He also said that Android devices are really cheap and Microsoft will have to work on that area

Windows Phone finally launches officially

Don't need to be a computer scientist to use Windows Phone



During the interview, he also spoke about their partnership with Nokia and the upcoming phones, which should be shown off at Nokia World next week. Apart from this partnership, Microsoft is hard at work on the Windows 8 operating system that should end up on both traditional desktops as well as tablets.