You can tweet photos using Google Glass

With more and more people getting their hands on the gadget we’re seeing evidence how Google Glass will work for real life tasks, like tweeting. Well, tweeting isn’t a critical function of your everyday life but it is still cool that you can tweet from the Google Glass.

French web entrepreneur Loic Le Meur tweeted a photo from his Google Glass while driving through a San Fransisco street. The tweet simply read #throughglass. Le Meur, in a reply to a later tweet said that the Glass was amazing and he had tweeted using an app, which as it turns out is a third party app called GlassTweet.

A picture taken with Google Glass and posted on Twitter

A picture taken with Google Glass and posted on Twitter


According to Cnet, Le Meur claims that you take a picture with your voice and that the app offers multiple ways to share the photo, with Google+ being the default or first option. Twitter is the second. Though the app Le Meur used, GlassTweet, is a third-party app, it is very likely that Twitter is working on an official Google Glass app.

Earlier technology blog TechCrunch had reported that a tweet that seemed to have been done using an app for Google Glass had surfaced briefly but was deleted soon after. It will be interesting to see how soon Twitter rolls out its official app for the Glass.

Tweeting photos with a voice prompt might be an easier functionality to crack than a text tweet. A text tweet would require voice recognition capabilities that can accurately push out tweets dictated to it. While it is possible that this may come to fruition soon, right now Twitter’s Vine video integration seems like a better fit for a device like Google Glass. Imagine tweeting out 6-second video tweets with a simple voice prompt using the Glass!


Published Date: May 01, 2013 01:58 pm | Updated Date: May 01, 2013 01:58 pm