Yahoo! to Silence its Buzz Service

Yahoo has officially announces its decision to pull down the curtains over Yahoo! Buzz. Confirming the news, after a speculated pop-up last year in December, Yahoo! states the April 21st, 2011 to be its last day.

The Official Announcement

The Official Announcement


Launched in 2008, Buzz aimed at doing exactly what its title suggested. Yahoo! intended to make this a highly interactive platform wherein users would share news stories. Buzz was put down in the same space as that of Digg and Reddit, but, didn’t manage to gather much storm. In a brief address to the users of its Buzz service, Yahoo! states, “Yahoo! Buzz will be discontinued as of April 21, 2011. As of this date, you will be unable to access the Yahoo! Buzz site. This was a hard decision. However this will help us focus on our core strengths and new innovations.

Among others, Yahoo! Picks and Yahoo! Bookmarks were touted as the weak pawns for Yahoo!, and that the axe would fall on them, too. However, at the end, it is the Buzz that has been silenced.

Published Date: Apr 19, 2011 01:01 pm | Updated Date: Apr 19, 2011 01:01 pm