Yahoo! India launches dedicated site for London Olympics 2012

We're just days away from the start of the London Olympics 2012 - the highest point of any athelete's ambitions and Yahoo! India has now brought forth, what they call, a dedicated destination on all things London Olympics 2012 on Yahoo! News. The site has four dynamic sections, which include: Photos, Calendar, News, and Memorable Moments. To deliver original and superior digital content experience to its audience Yahoo! has brought together a panel of experts comprising of Gold Medal Olympians Dan O'Brien (Track and Field), Summer Sanders (Olympics), Shannon Miller (Gymnastics) and sports writers from Yahoo!’s editorial team. 


Memorable Moments section on the site covers the most iconic moments from the history of the modern Summer Games. Yahoo! claims to bring to life a range of remarkable, emotive stories from the greatest sporting event in the world through video, photos, essays from their award-winning writers, outside voices of influential individuals, and its users.  Stories include Nadia Comăneci’s perfection in Montreal and Usain Bolt’s stunning world records in Beijing 2008, as well as controversy such as Marion Jones’ doping admission in 2000 and the drama of Mary Decker’s collision with Zola Budd in 1984.

The dedicated London Olympics 2012 site by Yahoo! India

The dedicated London Olympics 2012 site by Yahoo! India



Every compelling moment features original Yahoo! editorial content and is brought to life with video and unforgettable images. The stories are shared through the eyes of those who were there, and many of the Memorable Moments include brand new documentary video footage and interviews, including Carl Lewis’ emotional visit back to the stadium in which he triumphed with four gold medals in 1984 and a reflective Comăneci on a balance beam. Yahoo! interviewed dozens of current and past athletes about their Moments, and travelled to countries around the world to document the stories.


At the moment, Yahoo! is building-up to this year’s event, giving dedicated coverage of the entire action, countdown to the game, detail schedule for each day, and Memorable Moments editorial series. During the games the destination will also provide the most up-to-date photo galleries from London, making sure every user has access to the biggest moments of the Summer, as well as multiple original video broadcasts showcasing the day’s events and scenes in London, expert analysis, and breaking stories as they happen.