Yahoo! Axis goes public

Yahoo!’s Axis browser is now out as the company has officially rolled out the service. Axis marks Yahoo!’s entry into the browser race amid its rather tumultuous period. Yahoo! Axis combines the experience of searching and browsing for the user. At the moment, Axis is available for the iPad and the iPhone and for the desktop computer.


Axis on your desktop!



To begin with, Yahoo! claims that the searching experience on their Axis browser is quick, so much so that during instances of the user browsing the web to know the current weather conditions, the browser will find answers, even before he finishes typing it. While doing so, the browser also updates the user with all that’s trending at that time. Using the Axis browser, users will get visual references of the website they need, and get access to it with just a tap. Among some of the other features, detailed in the video, the feature that allows users to make seamless transition between their iDevices (from the iPad to the iPhone and vice-versa) caught our attention the most. For eg, if you were viewing an article using the Axis browser on your iPad, and are moving to your iPhone, then this feature will allow you to continue reading the article on your iPhone, too, from just where you stopped last, when you were reading it on your iPad. 

Access Axis on your iPhone, and iPad

Access Axis on your iPhone, and iPad



For the desktop user, the browser will be a plug-in that will work with the browser of their choice. Here, though, it will lie at the bottom of your screen and will remain there at all times. Here, too, as the user begins to type his query in the search box on the Axis plug-in, answers keep appearing alongside. The user can transition between the varied suggestions appearing and then select the website of his choice. While looking through the searches, Yahoo! claims that the user can even view images - and all this without having to leave the page that he is currently viewing. 


Yahoo! Axis for the iPad and the iPhone can be downloaded off the App Store. Click here to know more about Yahoo! Axis. What do you think of Yahoo!'s foray into the browser market? Have you tried Axis yet? Do let us know your views in the comments section below. 

Published Date: May 24, 2012 02:18 pm | Updated Date: May 24, 2012 02:18 pm