Yahoo! and Samsung Plan To Give Google A Run For Its Money

Yahoo! and Samsung are planning to get into the internet tv territory, attempting at giving Google a run for its money. The two companies announced that they're going to sell internet embedded televisions, called Yahoo! Connected TVs in 26 more countries in Europe. Which raises the number to 39 countries in total where Samsung sells televisions embedded with Yahoo! widgets.

The Samsung Yahoo! tv as seen at CES 2010

The companies say however, that like cable television where viewers watch maybe 15 of the 200+ channels they receive, they're not going to cram all of the internet into one television set. They'll provide widgets for the usual suspects like Facebook, Youtube etc.

SOURCE: Yahoo! News

Published Date: Nov 04, 2010 05:05 pm | Updated Date: Nov 04, 2010 05:05 pm