Yahoo! aims to be the 'Google of content'

The future of web is personalised, emphasises Yahoo! COO Henrique de Castro. At the DLD Conference in Munich, de Castro discussed the state of the web today and his vision for the future, both for the Internet and Yahoo!

Stating that Yahoo! needed a drastic overhaul, de Castro who was formerly Google's President of Business Solutions, said that the portal lacked personalisation. “The desktop portal needs to transform itself,” said De Castro. “The personalisation is not there, the tech is not there, and generalist portals are losing traffic.

Talking about the web in general, de Castro said that the future of web will be completely different from what it is today. He said that the future of web will be based on three types of content – premium, aggregated and user-generated. While text, images and videos will live on the same platform, over time this will all converge.


Personalisation on its way


All this will facilitate increased personalisation on the web, said de Castro. “My web is going to be different from your web. That container will aggregate text, images and video, premium content, aggregated content and user-generated content,” he argues.

Owing to these changes, de Castro says that Yahoo! will have to evolve itself, too, in order to give more personalised results. Yahoo! has been one of the first websites to realise the need for personalised results with My Yahoo!, a customisable page all users of the website could use.

Yahoo! has been long looking at overhauling personalised experience for users and de Castro's statements only add to the effort. After juggling with a failed mobile initiative, Yahoo! has shook had with Facebook over sharing content.

A source said to AllThingsD that Project Zed, another of Yahoo's personalisation attempts was coming soon. Project Zed will aim to make Yahoo! a “destination where people go to find content regardless of where it originates from; the better Yahoo! gets at making it more relevant, the more it becomes part of people’s everyday routine and the more repeat visitors there are.”

The COO has high hopes for Yahoo! in the future, as he and his team tries to make Yahoo! 'the Google of Content' and try to make Yahoo! one of the 'world's daily habits'. Sources say that while users approach Google for links, Yahoo! aims to become the destination where they come for content.

In December last month, Yahoo! shut down its Messenger service as well as public chat rooms in a move that showed the company was not afraid to trade the services that made it a global name for Another service that Yahoo! shut down was Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox and the messenger's ability to sync with Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger. While Microsoft buddies will still appear on the Yahoo! Messenger contact list, they will be greyed out, and if you attempt to send a message to them, the messages will not be delivered.

The Yahoo! Voice Phone In and Phone Out features also were shut down last month. Users can no longer add new funds to their accounts, and active users who have a balance in their accounts will be receiving emailed instructions on how to request a refund.

Published Date: Jan 23, 2013 10:31 am | Updated Date: Jan 23, 2013 10:31 am