Xiaomi deleted a poll on Twitter after users voted in favour of Android One instead of MIUI 9

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi recently conducted a poll on its official Twitter handle asking users to vote either for its in-house Android-based MIUI 9 or Android One.

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Users believe that Android One is a better OS than MIUI 9

The company offers Android One along with its Xiaomi Mi A1. Ordinarily, it would not be much of a deal for a company to conduct polls on its social media channels, but this case was a bit different.

The reason for the difference is that shortly after the company posted the poll, it deleted the poll, as reported by Android Police. Xiaomi did not issue an official statement for taking down the poll but the report speculates that it could be because of the fact that users voted in favour of Android One. It is unclear as to why the company would move ahead with deleting the poll but, it's easy to assume that the company simply didn't like the outcome of the poll. Xiaomi, like other Android device makers, heavily customised Android for their needs. The problem, as always, is that these customised operating systems usually lack several key Android features, are buggy and don't perform as well as stock Android. These customisations also mean that the latest updates take forever to arrive and contribute to the heavily fragmented nature of the Android world.

One would assume that any Android fan would, by default, prefer stock Android to a customised one, and the results of the poll certainly seem to indicate the same.

According to a screenshot of the deleted Twitter poll by RajuPP, Android One was leading with 57 percent of the votes while MIUI 9 was at 43 percent. At the time the screenshot was taken, 14,769 users had voted, of which 8,419 had opted for Android One. Despite deleting the tweet, let's hope that Xiaomi listens to its users and releases more Android One-based phones in the future.

Published Date: Feb 12, 2018 16:12 PM | Updated Date: Feb 12, 2018 16:12 PM