WWDC 2012 banner shows iOS 6 announcement, new iOS logo revealed

When Apple announced the dates for the Worldwide Developers Conference, the brand teased that at the event they would be discussing the future of iOS. Although there was no reference indicating that it would be iOS 6, rumours and speculations all pointed to Apple announcing the next major operating system update at the event. With the event just around the corner, preparations for the event at the venue are underway and a banner put up at Moscone West confirms the fact that Apple will indeed unveil iOS 6 at the WWDC 2012 event.

iOS 6 announcement confirmed

iOS 6 announcement confirmed (Image Credit: CNET)


Just like last year, when Apple put up the banners, we had a preview of what they were going to showcase at the event with the brand officially unveiling iOS 5, iCloud and the Mac operating software Lion. As for this year’s event, from the banner, one thing is certain that they will show off iOS 6. But the question lies in what features the next iOS will contain.

With iOS 6, Apple is expected to announce an all new Maps app using their own backend. Previously, Apple, with the Maps app used a Google backend. But by acquiring a handful of companies, Apple is expected to show off a new Maps app that supports 3D imagery, as opposed to the present one that is available on their iOS devices. There are also rumours indicating that Apple will change the colour scheme of the iOS from blue to silver with a report by Macrumors stating, “The banner also displays a silver-colored theme that has been rumored to making its way to the iPhone to replace the blue theme present in many of Apple's apps. The silver theme has already been showing up on the iPad, but rumors of an Apple mapping app have suggested that the silver theme will moving to the smaller screen as well.”

From the looks of it, Apple have now updated their iOS logo as well with, it now featuring water ripples as opposed to water droplets that is present on iOS 5.

Let us know your thoughts on Apple updating their iOS and what features do you think Apple will unveil with iOS 6, when they do announce it this upcoming Monday?


Published Date: Jun 09, 2012 11:51 am | Updated Date: Jun 09, 2012 11:51 am