WWDC 2011: Live Updates from Steve Job's Keynote Address

This year’s Apple Keynote that’s being delivered by none other than Apple’s main front man, Steve Jobs is underway. Here you’ll find the latest updates on what’s being announced, although you probably already know that if you’ve been following tech2. We’ll be updating this article live so stay tuned to this space as our tech2 correspondent Siddhartha Banerjee brings you live updates on what’s going on at the Moscone centre in San Francisco, California.


12:30pm, PST
Standing ovation for Steve

12:28pm, PST
Steve is leaving. Keynote over.

12:25pm, PST
Launching iTunes Match $24.99 yearly with all the benefits of iTunes on cloud. Songs that you have in your iTunes library that iTunes can't match because you've ripped them, iTunes will match it with 256 kpbs AAC DRM version.

12:22pm, PST
The famous quote: "One more thing"

12:21pm, PST
5 gb of free storage on iCloud. Launching developer beta today. iTunes on cloud launching today for everyone

12:15pm, PST
iTunes moving to iCloud for multiple device use. Buy music on one device, use it on all

12:05pm, PST
Photo stream on iCloud. Photos can be synced across devices and the last 1000 photos will be stored on servers for 30 days. In the meantime, users should download them to their devices.

12:03pm, PST
iCloud now stores APIs. Developers rejoice

11:50am, PST
The final three apps on iCloud: the first of which is Documents on cloud

11:47am, PST
Steve is explaining how iCloud works. He says, "It just works". He's talking about back-up on iCloud. Content will be backed up wirelessly to the cloud once a day.

11:43am, PST
iCloud stores all the content in the cloud and pushes it to all the devices. The apps from Mobile Me, Mail, Contacts and Calendar, will be rewritten from ground up for iCloud. MobileMe will cease to exist and iCloud will be free.

11:40am, PST
Steve is back for iCloud. "Keeping these devices in sync is driving us crazy" says Steve, "iCloud is not a hard drive in the Cloud".


11.37am, PST
iOS 5 will ship to all of our customers this fall with support for iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPad 2, plus the third and fourth generation of iPod touch.

11.35am, PST
Some of the new updates will include wireless syncing of devices with iTunes, wireless mirroring between devices and HD/Smart TVs via AirPlay, new dev tools,etc.

11.35am, PST
Aside from these 1 highlighted features there about 200+ more on their way with iOS updates.

11.34am, PST
Can be used from both your iPhone and your own iPad since it’s supported by both same conversations can be carried out on both devices without losing a beat

11.31am, PST
The iMessage service supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and works over Wi-Fi and 3G.

11.30am, PST
The iMessage service is quite similar to BBM or WhatsApp universal messenger as it also shows deliver receipts and tying indication, read receipts as well as Push services.   

11.29am, PST
iMessage will allow users to send images, videos, contact details across to other iOS users (not device centric) besides just text.

11.28am, PST
You’ve heard of BBM, well here’s iMessage, Apple’s version of BlackBerry’s popular messaging service.


11.27am, PST
Games can now be bought right from the Game Centre app.

11.25am, PST
Game Centre will now also be able to suggest games for you and friends as well.

11.24am, PST
Moving on is the update to Apple’s Game Centre, their gaming hub. Scot takes on Microsoft with a line to the effect of Apple having 50 mil Game Centre users in nine months while Xbox Live has been around for much longer and has 30 mil users.

11.22am, PST
OTA updates, a boon to the wireless lovers in the community. Also no need to hook up your devive to iTunes for activation it’s all on board.

11.20am, PST
iOS 5 also brings a new on-screen keyboard that splits up into to parts for those using iPads and prefer using their thumbs.

11.17am, PST
The Dictionary feature can actually be used across iOS 5 – select a word, press and hold in pop-up menu select define to pull up word’s meaning.

11.16am, PST
The new mail set up also includes Indentation control

It's time to rid ourselves of the wire

It's time to rid ourselves of the wire


11.14am, PST
Time for no. 7 in the list of iOS features – email with better search options, rich-text formatting, flagging, dragging messages, dragging address and a built in dictionary.


11.12am, PST
The camera settings also include grid lines now, pinch to zoom in app and image editing built-in

11.12am, PST
Those using a passcode to unlock their handsets can still use the camera but won’t have access to the images as a failsafe. The volume up button can now be used as a shutter release as well.

11.11am, PST
A camera button has now been added to the lock screen of the device for quick access to the app.

11.10am, PST
It’s time now for the camera updates and things are looking interesting.


11.07am, PST
The Reminders app also can be synced with corresponding devices and features a built in calculator and simple reminder, scheduling options.

11.06am, PST
No. 5 on the iOS list of updates is Reminders with the option to geotag notes

11.03am, PST
Safari Reader essentially collects all the text on a page your viewing and make it easier to read. 

11.02am, PST
Safari will now come with tabbed browsing much like the desktop version.

11.00am, PST
iOS update no. 4 is with the Safari Browser with the addition of the Safari Reader tab and reda it later option to save pages’ links.

10.58am, PST
Twitter will also be integrated into your contacts list for those listed there that are on twitter.

10.58am, PST
New twitter integration will allow sending images to account from the camera or gallery via Tweet option.

10.57am, PST
iOS 5 feature no. 3 is Twitter integration with apps etc. with single log in usable across the bar.

10.56am, PST
The app is integrated with the homescreen and all your paid subscriptions show up in neat rows similar to papers/magazines at a newsstand, hence the name

10.55am, PST
Scott now shows off Newstand for magazine and online paper subscriptions


10.52am, PST
Little X marks the spot to remove notification from this space.

10.51am, PST
Notifications also appear on lock screen now with slide option to access them.


10.51am, PST
Small animation will show up and disappear to indicate notifications are present, but won’t disturb your current task.


10.50am, PST
Google’s little droid must be snickering in the corner with the Notification Centre layout.

10.49am, PST
Enter Notification Centre that gathers all your notifications in one place, accessible by swiping down from the top.


10.49am, PST
No. 1 on the iOS list is making notifications a lot simpler that those “annoying pop-ups”.

10.48am, PST
It's time now for iOS5, what we've been waiting for. Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS Software at Apple Inc will be showing off the upadte that's got 15oo APIs..


10.38am PST

Lion 4 GB is size, Lion will cost $29.99. Lion Available for all in JULY


10.37am, PST

No more optical disk for LION, Available ONLY on Mac App Store


10.3 am, PST

3000 new API's for Dev


10.34 am, PST

Top 10 features of Lion


10.36am, PST

Demo over


10.34am, PST

Msgs on Mail look like msg on iPad


10.32am, PST

Last demo Mail


10.31am, PST

Phil talking about searching on Mail


10.31am, PST

No 10 Mail


10.29am, PST

N.o. 9 Air Drop


10.29am, PST

Phil is back


10.29am, PST

Showing merging multiple versions


10.28am, PST

Lion Versions (history) demo


10.26am, PST

Lion Auto Save Demo


10.25am, PST

App Store


10.25am, PST

Another Demo. Craig back on stage for the demo


10.24am, PST

Extension of Auto save


10.23am, PST

No. 8 Versions


10.22am, PST

Background saving on background with Lion


10.22am, PST

No. 7 Auto Save


10.21am, PST

No 6. Resume


10.20am, PST

Launch Pad


10.20am, PST

Mac App Store that's No 4


10.19am, PST

Mac App Store No.1 App buying software


10.18 PST

Demo Mission Control


10.17am, PST

New feature


10.15am, PST

Full Screen photo booth demo


10.12am, PST

Demo by Craig Federighi


10.12am, PST

No. 3 Mission Control


10.11am, PST

Next Preview


10.10 PST

Showing eg. iCal on full screen


10.10am, PST

No. 2 Full Screen apps

Full screen apps

Full screen apps


10.09am, PST

Multi touch gestures That's no. 1


10.08 am,PST

10 to cover


10.07am, PST

250 New features


10.07 PST

Showing on screen Mac OS X LION


10.06 PST

Mac has outgrown industry every 5 yaers


10.05am, PST

Over 120 sessions


10.03am, PST

Standing ovation


10.02am, PST

Steve is on the stage



09.54 am, PST


09.52 am, PST

Almost everyone's wearing WWDC jacket with No. 11 on the back

The line is strong with these

What a line!


Ladies and gentlemen get ready, it's almost time

Ladies and gentlemen get ready, it's almost time