Would you pay Rs 60,000 for Steelcase Gesture, a chair for the iPad generation?

People don't pay much attention to the chairs they are seated on, but something has changed in the recent past that may warrant a closer look. With smartphones and tablets becoming our primary devices, the way we interact with these devices also needs to be taken into account, when designing a chair these days. Simply put, traditional designs are not suited for the many gesture-based interactions, the long hours of holding devices in your hands and 'tablet neck' syndrome.


So office furniture maker Steelcase decided to design an office chair just for the iPad generation. With a name like Gesture, there's no doubt that this was made for modern touch-screen devices. Gesture has been designed on the basis of Steelcase’s global research about changing postures in the workplace. The company calls it a system of interconnected parts – inspired by the human body – designed to support your every movement. It is priced at $1000, which is approximately Rs 62,000 (without taxes).
A study conducted in eleven countries, involving over 2000 people in a wide range of environments and postures, revealed how new technologies and workplace behaviour has led to the creation of nine new postures that are not supported by current office chairs and can cause pain or long-term injuries. One of these positions is the the text posture, where users bring their arms closer to type on the virtual keyboard or perform gestures. are performed. 

Gesture Chair for new-age offices

Extra support for hanging arms



Gesture has three key interfaces – the core interface, upper limb interface and seat interface. Unlike conventional chairs, Gesture’s core interface hugs the lower back when people recline, like when leisurely reading on a tablet. The upper limb interface allows people to draw closer to a work surface to avoid hunching over a screen. It also supports the aformentioned texting posture very well. Lastly, the seat interface adjusts rapidly to help users avoid perching on the edge of their chair, which increases stress on the lower back. Check out this video created by Steelcase for the Gesture chair to get a better idea.


Steelcase has established three Work Life Centres, which will further conduct studies and sell Gesture, in Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. It will be soon inaugurating the fourth centre in Mumbai soon.

Published Date: Dec 21, 2013 01:27 pm | Updated Date: Dec 21, 2013 01:27 pm