Worried Japan asks Mitsubishi to probe data breach

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, premier defence contractor in Japan, one of the most technologically advanced countries, was hacked early this week. According to reports, among the breached data were IP addresses, while it is also being rumoured that its submarine, missile and nuclear power plant component factories had been the main target. This hack has left the Japanese government wary, and it has now asked Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to probe into the attack with immediate effect. 

Under attack?

Under attack?



Reportedly, Japan fears that the breach may have actually compromised contracts containing details of weapon supplies worth billions of dollars. The government now believes that there is perhaps more to the hack, than what meets the eye. The government, reportedly is also highly displeased with the fact that Mitsubishi chose to keep quiet about this grave incident. It was further learnt that the defence officials learnt about the incident only through media reports, following the revelation in August. 


The Japanese government imposes contracts on all defence contractors operating in the country, according to which the government needs to be kept informed during an event of loss of sensitive data. In this case, however, the government wasn't made aware of the breach. An irate government official from the defence ministry stated that, "It's up to the defence ministry to decide whether or not the information is important. That is not for Mitsubishi Heavy to decide. A report should have been made."


Source: Agencies

Published Date: Sep 22, 2011 05:08 pm | Updated Date: Sep 22, 2011 05:08 pm