Windows Phone to take second place from iOS, by 2015

There have been questions raised about the future of the mobile operating system. While iOS and Android are clearly the leaders today, the future isn’t going to be in iOS' favour, claim research agencies, like Gartner and IDC. Now, iSuppli has stated that, by 2015, iOS will no longer be in the lead, but will, in fact, fall to the third place. The platform that'll gain momentum in the times to come will be Microsoft’s Windows Phone. As of now, Android has the largest market share and this number will continue to swell over the coming years. Apple’s iOS share won’t drop sharply, but there will be a very gradual drop.

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To take the lead from iOS, by 2015



Microsoft’s Windows Phone, on the other hand, will see a massive jump in market share between 2012 and 2013. From there on, the upward movement in market share will be more limited. We’re expecting to see major phone companies, launching Windows Phone devices, this year. The difference between market shares of both platforms is likely to be marginal, though at the end of 2015. What is more concerning is that there’s no significant mention of BlackBerry in this report. The numbers are likely to be small, as will be the case with the Symbian platform.