Windows Phone targets localized apps

Microsoft showed us its army of Windows 8 tablets with a lucrative set of features at Computex, this year. But apart from tablets, we are also waiting to see new smartphones emerge from the company’s kitty. While Microsoft is readying itself to make a space in the competitive market dominated by Apple and Google, one factor that it needs to work on is apps. Vineet Durani, Director (Windows Phone Business Group), said that the company is looking forward to localized applications from developers across the nation to reap the benefits of the Windows Phone, reports Times of India. "Content-wise, we have a strong focus on localized applications, which allows customers to enjoy more value," Durani said.

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Encourages local apps...


Durani even disclosed that Windows is looking at synergizing various platforms with the latest version of its operating system. In India, Windows 7.5 is available till date and Windows 8 is expected to be launched soon.  However, he didn’t spill the beans on when exactly it will launch.

"The company feels India, with its vast education and healthcare sector, can provide lots of opportunities to develop localized applications. We feel we have a lot of opportunities to unearth in the education and healthcare sectors," he said. A recent study also revealed that about 60 percent of consumers in India believe that the widespread adoption of mHealth (mobile health apps) is inevitable. The study revealed that emerging markets lead the adoption of mHealth. It is so, as consumers in these nations find it a way to increase access to healthcare.

Then there was the study by Google, along with IPSOS and MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) revealing the pattern of smartphone usage across the globe. Indian smartphone users were found to be more active than their U.S counterparts. Needless to say, smartphones these days cover a much larger base than mere calling and SMSing, like searches, news, watching TV, listening to music, and several other functions from an endless list. Now, mobile apps, too form a major part of the smartphone experience.

Published Date: Jun 19, 2012 10:29 am | Updated Date: Jun 19, 2012 10:29 am