Windows Phone Mango Now Has Twitter Integration

Windows Phone 7 is definitely going places. It’s doing pretty well the things, Android and Apple failed to do, so far. An important Mango update Microsoft introduced, is the integration of applications into the OS. After LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter has joined the list of social networking site applications that have been integrated to WP7. With Twitter integration, a simple setup process and authorization is required following which, users can tweet and view notifications and alerts via the people hub. 

WP7 Mango gets twitter integration

WP7 Mango gets Twitter integration



So, what does this whole thing mean? Simply put, users now need not worry about using extra memory on their device, by keeping applications running in the background, because these applications will run as system processes. Additional overheads on the OS are cut off and hence there is very little load on system resources. Also, integration means elimination of separate (for each social networking site) annoying apps which require periodic updates. 


With Window’s marketplace launching soon in India, things are looking promising at the Windows Phone 7 front. WP7 might lack a few features, which are commonplace with Android and iOS, but it’s good to see that Windows, for a change, is looking to make things simple. Here’s a quick view on the WP7 Twitter integration: