Windows Phone 8 to have new 'Rooms' feature

A new feature called "Rooms" that is to come on Windows Phone 8 OS will allow users to chat in a virtual room with their family and friends and also share data, The Verge reveals. Sources close to the Windows Phone 8 project shared with The Verge that this new addition will come to the company's range of devices scheduled for a launch this fall. Going further, the post adds that although there is an existing "Groups" feature, Rooms will be a new option that will allow users to have an interactive group. By way of a text message, users will be invited to join the conversation on Rooms. Once in, those part of the conversation will be able to share calendar items, photos and notes privately. The new feature will reportedly also allow participants to have group chats. While more on this will hopefully be available in the days to follow, another bit known on the Rooms feature is that Microsoft will introduce a default "Best Friends" group and "Family Room" built into the People Hub. 

Enter the next level in Windows mobility

Enter the next level in Windows mobility



At an event in San Francisco earlier this year, the brand officially raised the curtain on its latest mobile operating system and claimed that it is the most advanced mobile OS Microsoft has ever made. This OS will be available on new handsets that will be launched later this year. In an official blog post, Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore had claimed that many of the new capabilities available on the Windows Phone 8 OS came from Windows, which is the most successful and powerful operating system on the planet, and used by more than a billion people. Windows Phone 8 is based on the same core technologies that power Windows 8. As a result, Windows Phone 8 will come equipped with a new wave of features for consumers, developers and businesses.


Microsoft claims that with Windows Phone 8, similarities between Windows 8 and this latest smartphone OS is more than just skin deep. He states, “We’ve based the next release of Windows Phone on the rock-solid technology core of Windows 8.” Expanding on this, Belfiore states that Windows Phone and its older sibling will share common networking, security, media and web browser technology, and a common file system. These features will translate into better performance, more features and new opportunities for app developers and hardware makers to innovate faster.


Here is a look at some of the highlighted features available on Windows Phone 8:

  • Multi-core processor support – Windows Phone was a slick OS that ran smoothly on handsets with a single processor. The latest OS now features multi-core support with Belfoire claiming that they’re ready for whatever hardware makers dream up.
  • Bigger, sharper screens - Windows Phone 8 supports two new screen resolutions—1280 x 768 and 1280 x 720, making it compatible with new handsets that will feature high-definition 720p displays.
  • More flexible storage - Windows Phone 8 supports removable microSD cards, so users can stuff their phone with extra photos, music and whatever else is important and then easily move it all onto their PC.
  • NFC wireless sharing - In Windows Phone 8, NFC helps make sharing photos, Office docs and contact info easier. One can achieve this by tapping their phone on another NFC-equipped device.
  • Internet Explorer 10 - The next version of Windows Phone comes with the same web browsing engine that’s headed for Window 8 PCs and tablets. Microsoft claims that IE10 is faster and more secure with advanced anti-phishing features like SmartScreen Filter to block dangerous websites and malware.

Published Date: Sep 05, 2012 10:28 am | Updated Date: Sep 05, 2012 10:28 am