Windows Phone 8 gets Temple Run, Orcs Must Survive, 3 other games

Windows Phone 8 is all set to grow a little more entertaining. Microsoft recently released a bunch of new games for its mobile platform, including Temple Run, 6th Planet, Fling Theory, Orcs Must Survive, Propel Man and Ruzzle. The games are essentially ports of iOS or Android games, but were missing from the Windows Phone Store.

Temple Run being launched now seems strange, as a newer and better looking version of the game is available on the other platforms. Regardless, it’s still a popular game and Windows Phone users will undoubtedly be happy with it. The graphics do look a bit dated, though, and are certainly not up to par compared to what Windows Phone 8 hardware should be able to handle. The game isn't on the Windows Phone Store yet, but it will be up soon enough.

6th Planet focuses on narrative and gameplay in equal parts with its graphic novel-esque exposition-filled cutscenes. The gameplay is very reminiscent of the classic Lunar Lander, where the goal is to keep an object in the air for as long as possible and only land in the designated landing area. The game costs $0.99 (approximately Rs 54).

This game is the obvious winner here. It has monkeys and everything!

6th Planet is the obvious winner here. It has monkeys and everything!


Fling Theory is a simple platforming game where you help a little red guy navigate through levels using physics. You move him around by flinging him from a slingshot. The game is free for Windows Phone 8.

Orcs Must Survive is a spin-off of the popular indie PC game Orcs Must Die. The game has you play as the orcs this time; you have to fend off the hordes of humans by using towers. The WP8 version of the game has strange black borders, but the game seems to be charming and has the same sense of humour as the original. It costs $0.99 (approx. Rs 54) for Windows Phone 8.

Smartphone games are notorious for being based on physics, and Propel Man is another game you can add to that list. The game has you launching a guy from a catapult and then helping him land safely by opening his parachute on time. The game lays heavy emphasis on its physics engine, going so far as to including it as one of the game’s key features. It is available for $0.99 (approximately Rs 54).

Last but not least, we have Ruzzle. This game is best described as a smaller-scale version of Wordament: you play Boggle against just one or two people instead of against everyone all over the world. The game has Facebook integration, a single-player mode for practice, and support for different languages. The game will be on the Windows Phone Store soon.

Published Date: Mar 28, 2013 10:09 AM | Updated Date: Mar 28, 2013 10:09 AM