Windows Phone 7.8 may be launched tomorrow

The latest version of Windows Phone was launched recently, and later, a number of handsets sporting the new OS have hit the shelves. The question on the minds of those who purchased handsets before the arrival of Windows Phone 8 is when their handsets will be updated to Windows Phone 7.8. As per a report by Tonis Tech Blog, this operating system could be launched on Wednesday, thus giving users a clearer time frame for receiving the update.

It was known that once Microsoft launched Windows Phone 8, the older handsets would be upgraded to Windows Phone 7.8. The report by Tonis Tech Blog does not shed much light on this situation. 

Courtesy update?

Courtesy update coming soon


According to a previous report, a slide leaked online shows some features of Windows Phone 7.8. Apart from the new Start screen featured in Windows Phone 8, which had already been announced, there are improvements to the browser as well. The upcoming operating system will not feature the Internet Explorer 10; it is believed that Microsoft will add some enhancements to IE9 instead.

The report stated that other enhancements to the upcoming OS for legacy handsets such as the Lumia 800 are more colour themes; support for editing MP3 files on the handset itself, which can be used to make ringtones; and access to the Windows Phone 8 Lock screen that enables users to change their wallpapers with new images through apps.

The slide reveals that Nokia too is adding some of its own improvements such as the Contacts Transfer app as well as features to share content via Bluetooth.

After Tonis Tech Blog reported the tentative release date, a Microsoft spokesperson contacted Tech Crunch and stated, “We have made no further announcement on this but hope to share more details in the near future.” This falls in line with the possible launch date revealed by Tonis Tech Blog.

In related news, a video has recently surfaced on YouTube showing the Lumia 510 running on the build 8858.136 of Windows Phone 7.8. From the video we can see all the features Windows Phone 7.8 will bring to the table such as resizable tiles, different colour options and Office.


None of the existing Windows Phone 7 devices, including the Nokia 900, are eligible for a Windows Phone 8 update. In order to avoid a riot outside its stores, Microsoft promptly announced Windows Phone 7.8, a sort of ‘value pack’, if you will, for existing devices. All handsets running WP 7.5 or Mango will be upgradeable to WP 7.8, and one of the new features that the update brings with it is the new customisable homescreen from WP 8. Users of the Lumia 800 and similar devices will be able to resize the homescreen widgets as well as choose between different colour schemes for better personalisation. This applies to all Nokia Lumia handsets.

Published Date: Nov 27, 2012 10:20 am | Updated Date: Nov 27, 2012 10:20 am