Windows 8 will have an App Store with 'Human Interaction Platform'

Finally we have an official confirmation on the Windows App Store directly from the horse's mouth. Steve Sinofsky, Microsoft Windows Chief, said that he is now ready to spill the beans on Windows 8 on MSDN blog. In his blog, he mentioned that there are about 35 teams working on Windows 8 development, with about 25-40 developers in each team. The most interesting part is the mention of the 'App Store Team'. This would mean that Microsoft will now have its own marketplace of Windows 8 apps just like the recent version of OS X. This is not Microsoft's first attempt to launch an App Store. Microsoft had launched Windows Marketplace for Windows Vista, but it did not receive much attention. Windows Marketplace was later shutdown in 2008, and got converted into a referral site.

Leaked screenshot of Windows App Store (image credit

Leaked screenshot of Windows App Store (image credit



Screenshots of the Windows App Store were leaked on a Taiwanese online news forum in April. Now the official confirmation has given some surety about its existence. Additionally, Microsoft shall be accused of imitating Apple if its official name turns out to be 'Windows App Store'. Coming back to the feature terms, 'In Control Of Your PC', 'Human Interaction Platform' and 'User-Centered Experience' are some of the terms that grab attention. Human Interaction Platform sounds much like 'Kinetic integration' but only time can tell what the real deal is. 

Here is the full list of the teams.

Published Date: Aug 19, 2011 11:36 am | Updated Date: Aug 19, 2011 11:36 am