Windows 8 to have Google Search app

Windows 8, Microsoft's latest operating system, which will be released officially a couple of days later, will have a Google Search application. Users can make use of the dedicated search app rather than search the usual way.

Google Search app on Windows 8

Google Search app on Windows 8



Google Search application on Windows 8 will come with the following features: 

  • Google Searchbox - This feature will enable Windows 8 users to enter their search queries right from the app home screen. Users can find the answers they need faster.
  • Voice Search - Using the microphone in the Voice Search feature, users will be able to make voice searches for anything. 
  • Image Search - In addition to text, the app will also allow users to search for images. Users can either select the images they like or swipe through to see more results.
  • Search Charm - Users can access Google from the Search Charm, once they install the Google Search app. 
  • Instant Previews mode - Users can look through search results with the Instant preview mode without having to visit each page.
  • View Your Searches - Users have the option of viewing their searches too. They can swipe from the top to view their most recently visited sites, categorized by keyword.
  • Google Apps page - Then there’s the Google Apps page, from where users can access all Google products from within the app with just the tap of an icon.
  • Google Instant - Users can view the results for their searches as they type. 


Only a few days ago, the Redmond based company released a new TV Spot for their upcoming operating system. The video starts off with a countdown much like the one for space shuttle and rocket launches. The countdown stops at number eight and starts repeating the number, at which point the video shows people using Windows 8 on tablets and desktops, using the touchscreen for activities such as editing pictures.


Users can make voice searches on the app



Microsoft had started accepting pre-orders for the much anticipated operating system, recently. Reportedly, Microsoft had set the price of Windows 8 at $70 (roughly Rs 3,712) for a DVD pack. The operating system is also available digitally for $40 (around Rs 2,121), where users can download Windows 8 on launch day, October 26. Along with this, any customer who buys, or already bought, a Windows 7 PC between June 2 and the end of January 2013 will be able to get an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $15, a move designed to prevent a drop-off in PC sales before the launch of Windows 8.


Microsoft had released an update to Windows 8 even before the official launch. Microsoft states on its official blog that this 'post-RTM' update has been issued to do away with the usual waiting times users experienced with earlier versions of Windows as the company went about improving its core code to suit the various OEMs’ newly-developed or enhanced components, drivers and accompanying software. It states this update ensures we won’t have to wait for a service pack to experience such enhancements. This update to Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 will be integrated with the operating system when it is released on October 26.

Published Date: Oct 23, 2012 05:13 pm | Updated Date: Oct 23, 2012 05:13 pm