Windows 8 Consumer Preview crosses 1 million downloads

If you’re a PC or a tablet enthusiast, you’re going to be excited about Windows 8, just as we are. The popular operating system that has been under development is nearing completion. Microsoft decided to release a Developer Preview build, late last year, in September. A few days back, Microsoft also released a Consumer Preview, which seems to be getting even more popular. Microsoft has posted a message on their Twitter ID @BuildWindows8 that talks about Windows 8 Consumer Preview having gotten a million downloads already. Clearly, everyone’s curious to see how the next big operating system from Windows 8 looks and feels like. Another great thing about the preview is that its said to expire, sometime in early 2013. 

Windows 8 new Start menu (Image credit: All Things D)

Doing well, even as a preview build



We’ve even written a quick install guide, which you can find here. We looked at the early Developer Preview, a while back. Windows 8 is being developed for multiple platforms. On one hand, it’s made for desktop PCs and notebooks. An ARM version is also being made for use with tablets and possibly phones in the future. The operating system also includes a whole new interface, very different from previous Windows desktop operating systems, which is called Metro UI and offers a sliding array of tiles that house applications.


Windows 8 is looking to be a strong operating system for desktops as system requirements haven’t changed much. Microsoft claims that any system running Windows 7 will be able to run Windows 8 as well. This means, organizations and also home users choosing to upgrade won’t have to invest in more powerful and expensive hardware. There’s no sign of a build for ARM devices such as tablet yet, but Microsoft might try and get a few demo tablets out, before the final launch. There’s quite a lot that has changed and improved, since the last Developer Preview. We’re going to be looking at the Windows 8 Consumer Preview a little closely in the days to come, so stay tuned.